Selling your own Book

Sell your own book

As one of the most frequently asked questions by newly published authors is: "Why isn't my book selling? Many thanks for participating in the Women Unlimited workshop about introducing, marketing and selling your own book. It' a great book about writing and selling eBooks/courses. Kindle Direct Publishing, a text platform that allows authors to publish e-book titles for the popular e-reader Kindle themselves. It'?

s a bit of work, but that's something you're used to when you publish on your own, isn't it?

Like selling more books: Ten honestly answered quizzes if you want to start selling more of them.

After all, I am always glad to be able to share what I learnt on the trip, but lately I've been getting the same thing over and over again, namely that most folks have a shortcut to their Amazon textbook and I can immediately see why they don't make a sale, because although I'm an writer, I'm a readership first and have been buying for years.

The Amazon #1 bestseller "How To Market A Book" will cover everything in detail, but the following check list will also help you to quickly find and resolve your issue. Do you have an electronic copy of your work? 99 percent of the independent writers will not have printed circulation in online bookshops, and I would say that all the bestsellers we've seen over the last 2 years about independent writers and massive selling are eBooks, not prints.

Printing a book can be a good option if you have certain reason to do so. But in 2013 I switched my views and returned to the printed editions for all my work. BUT if you want to be selling many of your ledgers on-line, then make sure you have an e-book for selling as well.

We have seen an inflow of electronic (and print) book releases last year, as well as conventional backlist publishing companies beginning to re-publish digital versions. I' ve seen many folks complaining about this so-called'tsunami of crap', but I think that you can ride the waves and make good deals, even if you start now.

While the e-book arena is expanding worldwide as new lands come on-line and even within overseas economies such as the US and UK, e-books are widely adopted. So, first off, get your e-book released. I' m using Scrivener for the Kindle, ePub and Word formatting, and then release on Amazon KDP, Kobo Writing Life and Smashwords or BookBaby for the remainder (US people can also use B&N Nook PubIt.) It's not difficult if you are spending some quality manuals.

Is your artwork well made? Books still buy with their own eye. So, if someone makes it to your Bookselling page and your artwork is horrible, they won't click the Buy Buttons. Do not use an image that your baby has taken or that you have taken yourself. Don't expect to be able to make a camouflage for the pro.

Search your indigenous music on Amazon and take good screen shots of great looking textbooks. Take photos of your favorite book with typefaces and themes you like. Check them out at TheBookDesigner. com to see some great coverings and some really horrible ones.

If so, engage a coversigner, give him this information and work with him to make a covers for you. Seriously, I don't think that's up for negotiation if you want to set yourself apart in the congested world. Was your textbook processed by professionals to make it read well? I' m excited about the value of publishers and editor, especially for new authors or novels in a new category.

Then you should hire a journalist to help you develop your text because you can't see your own words after a point because you know the history so well. I think you need other people' s view, especially professionals' viewers, to criticize you and tell you where the problem is, especially if the script is really horrible - and sometimes it is (and that's okay because you can type another one).

In' On Writing' Stephen King says to let the script stand for a while, so put it down and if you have some space, reread it. And if you can't buy a professional authoring tool, you can try to use a critical group of people within your own category or join a group like the Alliance of Independent Authorsto to connect and possibly share your work.

However, definitely do not release your work if only you and your best girlfriend or your mother have seen it. Did you submit the correct categorised books to the e-book shops? Sorry, but not everyone will like your work. While you may not want to put it in a specific type of cube, class or type of cube, you have to do it, because that's how the reader will find it.

This does not mean that you have to obey any particular rule in your letter (let's not do that now!), but when you upload it to the distributor, you have to select which category and tag to use and they have to make sense. You' ll need a certain amount of space from your books, but think about where your books fit into the on-line bookshops.

That means choosing the category, tag and keyword associated with your work. It is also important to reconcile the readers' expectation and what your textbook is about. There' s no point having a story with a swirling, girlish, rose chic-illuminated front in the fictional section of horrors.

Are there some skammy sites out there that will tell you to target for the classes that arrange the best to have a bestseller on Amazon. That' s just stupid, because your textbook doesn't meet the reader demand and even if you get a dent in the sale, it will soon wither.

For example, you can select a categorie that matches your story AND in which I use the Action Adventure and Religious Fiction categorys. This is optimisation, but it remains faithful to the readers' books and to what they expect. When you struggle with it, select 3-5 writers, how your text is, not how it should be, but how it really is.

An awesome guide to category and Amazon algorithm is David Gaughran's Let's Get Visible. What's that? Did you optimize your Amazon sell page with a tick, quotations from the press and other materials? I' ve seen some Amazon sites with not only typing errors, but also with horrible diction. In principle, you must treat the descriptive text as a selling page.

They will not buy your textbook if it is poorly spelled or difficult to read because it is an indicator of the goodness of your work. Here is another great item on 11 components of a sinzling books review. These products describe them seriously. If you want to have your selling descriptions formatted with colorful headings and other HTML features, you can use the premium services of the Authors Marketing Club (which also provides a quick way to find the right reviewers).

Did you evaluate your textbook in a realistic way or at least try out different prize points? It is important to say about e-Books prices that nobody has a clue how to rate and e-Books writers have succeeded at many different points of prices. However I had an maker ask why his novel did not sale, and when I examined his sale leaf, the $11.99 electronic document was assessed.

As good as your novel may be, as wonderful as the artwork is, your first novel probably won't be sold at that cost. The majority of notebooks are under $9. 99, and a multitude of invention is under $7. 99, with many individual accounts being under $5. There is still some leverage to the ninety-nine c pricing point after the change in the encryption algorithms, but you can also go somewhere in between and change your pricing with a promotion.

I' ve got my accounts at $2. 99 right now, so I make $2 per pocket. You' ll get to adjust your own rates, but there's no way you'll be selling much at those very high rates. Did you write, or are you still going to write another one? Sure there are a few outbreak hits, but most independent movie writers who are making respectable moneys right now have 5 or more of these.

Nonfiction writers can be expected to earn their living with backend software and service and not to sell their work. If you have more booklets available, the more online shelving you have, the simpler it is for someone to have you. While I still think you have to make the first thousand bucks with everything you have, my revenues leaped when I published the second novel with very little fanship because I already had an existing Amazon site and they do a ton of promotion for you when you have more than one eBook, like e-mails to someone who purchased the last one.

I' m also intrigued by the ascent of short stories and series to make more volumes faster. Did you do any kind of advertising or sourcing to let folks know it was there? I think you have to manually resell your first 1000 reader because they won't just show up out of nowhere.

Making a difference is what you want to learn and what you like. Simply be genuine and join your passions. But if you need some starting point hints, you should always create your e-mail lists from your own website and also from a login on the back of your work. When you do that with product one, you'll person at matter a few group to class with product 2.

It is my only non-negotiable advice for writers, because you never know what will come up with all the pages we need to make a sale. When they vanish, or the items we post under Modification, then your e-mail schedule of supporters and shoppers is all you have. And I think it' s also possible for publishers to market themselves but it is a sluggish process over the years and you have to have other objectives than just selling them, e.g. to network with colleagues and other people.

It' not an immediate sale, so you can't count on it. This whole thing with the authoring portal is very useful in many ways, but it's just one facet of selling your work. It is still a great choice, especially if you have several copies, because it means your work can be discovered without any risks.

Imagination writer Lindsay Burokert talked about it in our conversation, where she disclosed that the first volume in her serial is free of charge with her other work. This can be done by placing your free copy on Smashwords and finally Amazon will correspond to the prize. There has been a great deal of glare about the ratings of sockdolls, but ratings are still crucial because they give your sellers evidence and incorporate it into the page algorithm.

I' m giving away a bunch of free textbooks to those who like my style and ask them to write a review if they like it. That' simple if you have created a checklist from the last volume, or if you have created a plattform and this is a good one.

They can also turn to Blogger or Amazon Reviewer for further comment. While this is heavy work when you do it by hand, you can use the writers marketing club's premium facilities to shorten the time it takes to find reviewer for newsmakers. You gonna open your ass?

Generally I am a well-balanced maid, but when I get e-mails from someone asking why they are not succeeding and have done nothing on this mailing lists, I get a little angry! Particularly if this site has over 700 free items to write, publish and market and there are over 75 lessons of free sound from which you can study.

There is 0 on all this one. This is all free, but I also have a work you can buy for less than the cost of a cup of tea - How To Market A Buch. It is my firm belief that you can be a great author and earn an incomes by this. I' ve been on this road since 2007 when I started composing my first non-fiction so I' ve been working my ass off for 5 years to make a difference in my world.

It'?s not a fast, wealthy plan to write a book. I' m looking at writers like CJ Lyons, Scott Sigler, Chuck Wendig, Joe Konrath, Bob Mayer and so many others and I know they work their asses off and do their work out there every butt. Sean Platt & David Wright's recent achievement in ending a mass merchant relationship with Amazon is because they work unbelievably hardworking all days to create new contents for their markets.

So, if your product doesn't sell any at all, please go through this check list and be honest about what you've done and how much work you' ve put into it. Do not forget to ask other persons who ask the same questions. Which other hints can you give to those who don't sell any or only a few of them?

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