Selling your own Book

Sell your own book

Author-preneur de Ceyhun Yakup Özkardes ist der Schöpfer des Online-Kurses Author-preneur - Comment publier, commercialiser et vendre votre propre livre où il a enseigné des stratégies de marketing et de vente pour les auteurs. There are several ways to think about when selling your books. It is also a good way to sell it directly from your own business. The first book has been published and I will publish a second one in the series at the end of this month. When you have your own platform, such as a podcast or blog, interview them and give them exposure.

Entrepreneur writer. This is how you can directly resell your products to clients.

One important aspect for your company is the variety of sources of revenue. Don't want to be too reliant on a single resource for your cash, because if it runs dry, you will immediately feel the pain and your company can be doomed. Amazon/Hachette was the trigger for my own move into selling directly on the book market, although I have been selling quotes on-line for several years.

Amazons represent 60% of Hachette's e-book purchases in the US and 78% in the UK, according to GoodeReader in June 2014. As soon as another company/platform has so much oversight over your operation, negotiation will always be inconvenient. How do you get your income? Will your organization be susceptible if a sewer goes missing or conditions change?

Writers of indie books like Amazon because they were pioneers in the self-publication of e-books and allowed writers to earn a livelihood on-line. However, we are also conscious of our dependence, and Amazon is a shop, not a charitable organization. It' their deal too, so they can make changes if they want. Establishing a live distribution channels is one way to build an inflow of revenue that only has a buy badge.

This also gives the writer an opportunity to find out more about his clients and to establish a personal contact via e-mail. Here are your possibilities for selling directly. These are excerpts from my book on authoring economics. That means you can resell Kindle MP3s, other device ePubs, PDFs or other formats directly from your website and use a trolley via PayPal or other payment processing service.

Clients can shop directly on your website, get the downloaded and you get the cash. I' ve been using for a number of years, and the $10 scheduled month payment/no negotiation charge as well as associate choices are great for selling on-linens. Or you can simply use a Paypal buy badge on your website, but here too it is not very demanding and today there are choices that involve e-mail and inclusion and analysis.

So when I chose to buy my book directly from my website, I looked at the following options: It' fast to incorporate Gumroad into your website, on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, SoundCloud and through your own e-mail newsletters. All you need to boost your online book trade and market it to your community net. Adaptable selling side - which is already very appealing with the standard features.

Only ebooks. All of these and all other recent trends should be examined to find out what suits your company best. In person, I now use Selz for my e-bookand (coming soon) non-fiction sells directly from my website. I wanted to be able to use Paypal or debit cards as a client, so I wanted both of them.

Also I like the sound and visual upgrades because I think that multi -media is becoming more and more important in selling. It' also integrated into the myAweber e-mail mailing system so that I can create a customer buyers' mailing, separately from the persons who are downloading my free material. A lot of writers buy and keep their own shares so they can buy and keep autographed versions of them.

Others writers have DVD's, tangible items like T-shirts or other goods, like my boyfriend Alastair Humphreys. Again, you can use the Paypal purchase button on your website for real selling, but for advanced features, please checkout: In my company I do not concentrate on selling physically, so I cannot pass on my experiences.

However, if you want to continue with your actual sale, please research and consider whether you want to ship the item on call or drop-shipped directly to the client without having to keep inventory. Otherwise you must prepay, keep or store and ship the carton.

Postal services are not a lot of pleasure or a lot of goods in your mail. I made this error and made a commercial choice to concentrate mainly on getting my hands on a range of avionics. They can also be a keynotee who wants to be selling a book in the back of the room.

Previously, you had to sign up for costly pull-through presses for various banking institutions to personally handle credit/debit cards as a small company. However, there are now technology suitable for small businesses. Squares - a small plug-in map scanner for your mobile or iPad.

Next business days deposit to your bankaccount. A number of other products are also available under the roof of'sell direct'. Pages such as Kickstarter, IndieGoGoGo or PubSlush for textbooks allow supporters to participate in the cost in advance so that specific jobs can be realized. Usually it works best for inventive brainstorming, rather than asking the reader to buy a book for a first-writer.

When you want to be a direct seller, or when you want to research crowdfunding or sponsorship, you need an authoring forum and information about who you are and who want to buy. They need transport to your website, and you need an e-mail schedule so you can tell them when there are titles in the market.

I' ve dealt with all these subjects in'How to promote a book' or you can read the article about advertising here. As of 1 January 2015, the EU adopted new value -added taxes legislation affecting anyone who sells electronic goods to the EU - including writers who directly distribute textbooks or quotes.

There used to be an excemption threshold for small enterprises, but this act gets away from the threshold, so anyone who sells something and earns income above 0 has to do so. While many of the above mentioned will help to sort out this fiscal information, many small enterprises, including myself, will reduce their face-to-face selling until the Small Business Act is revised.

I' m planning to build new classes in the near term, but I'll probably be selling through Udemy or other websites that handle the taxes for you. I' m not going to be selling directly because of this law. I' ve come back to selling directly through SELZ and you can buy my ebooks/audios/courses now directly from my site.

What has therefore been altered? c) If your on-line training course has a private component, e.g. questions and answers, e-mail, then you are not responsible.

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