Selling Ebooks on Amazon

Sell ebooks at Amazon

Selling Ebooks on Amazon Brokering your e-books on Amazon is simple and free to some degree, because you don't have to buy your e-books presented in Amazon's catalo. Your Amazon e-Book list fees are revenue-based. Amazon will take a percent for each e-book you use. However, unlike other e-book dealers, the only e-book download available on Amazon is Kindle.

By uploading your e-book to Amazon's digital text platform, the desktop publishing service will be able to have your e-book converted to Kindle for you. Make a copy of your eBooks in HTML, simple text or Microsoft Word (in.doc, not.docx format). The HTML file is converted to Kindle the best.

Login to the Amazon digital text platform. You should already have a user name and your Amazon user ID and your Amazon user name. In case you do not have an Amazon user name, click on the "Register" link to register an Amazon user name. Specify the item detail for your e-book, beginning with the name.

To add/edit the name of the writer, click the "Add/Edit" icon in the authors area. Type the ISBN number of the e-book; an ISBN is not necessary to post an e-book on Amazon, but it's a good one. In case you want to post your own e-book, please type in your name in the box "Publisher".

You can use the "Language" drop-down list to select the preferred e-Book format. In the " Date of release " box, type a release date. Select a topic group for your e-book by pressing the "Add/Edit" icon in the categories area. Please type in a few key words in the "search terms" box so that Amazon users can find your e-book more easily.

To limit unauthorised persons from accessing and copy your eBooks, select "Enable DRM". "Click on the "Upload Image" tab to send an image of your e-book album. "To ensure that you are the eBooks copyrighted, select the areas where you want to sell your eBooks, and then tick the checkbox next to "I acknowledge that I have the right to post this content".

To find your e-book on your computer, click the Browse tab in the Site box, and then click the" Upload" link. Should any changes be required, please fetch your Kindle e-Book files from the desktop publishing program, make any necessary changes to the Kindle files you have just fetched, store this new files on your computer, then load them back onto Amazon's desktop publishing program and review them again.

Please fill in your recommended selling pricelist and click on "Save". "The state in the publishing list for your new e-book should now be "ready".

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