Selling Ebooks on Amazon

Sell ebooks at Amazon

We' ll share with you our vast experience in all things Amazonas through a series of ebooks on the most difficult aspects of selling on Amazon. Market research is the secret of selling ebooks. What can we do for you? Use our frequently used phrases and abbreviations for Amazon sellers to keep up to date with Amazon's specific diction. Amazons has its own one-of-a-kind shortlist of words and abbreviations that every salesperson needs to know in order to be effective.

You can also learn the Amazon languages by downloading our online dictionary.

The purpose of this e-book is to give you an idea of what it means to provide your customers with expert advice and to keep your Amazon accounts out of difficulties. We' ll tell you what you need to know to stay up to date, from dealing with client claims and Amazon alerts to making a good plea if your bankroll is ever banned.

This can give you good performances and keep your feedbacks high, it can even make the big deal the difference whether you stay in the store or lose your Amazon balance. Good client care means good client loyalty and thus greater opportunities for growth. Already selling on We' ll help you learn what you need to know to make Amazon worldwide selling an integrated part of your company.

It is a tech eBook with a lot of information you won't find anywhere else. It can be easy to automate re-pricing. However, the opportunities and results of a basic auto revaluation can be small and sometimes disastrous if you make a mistake and do not fix it. In contrast to the easy price adjustment based only on softwares, you are the most important part of intelligent price adjustment.

You begin by using your historical stock development information, such as seasonsal selling patterns. Then, consider your expectation of your business and your current price policies to create an smart representation of your chosen music.

Sell my e-book at Amazon

When I read Thomas Fuchs' contribution, 5 sets of guidelines to selling thousand of your eBooks, and the subsequent debate on twitters, I started to think about selling my SMACSS on Amazon. If you had asked me, before I posted this article, if I would be selling on Amazon again, I would simply have said no.

Going short on Amazon is relatively simple. See, Amazon is trying to lower e-book pricing by providing an incentives to rate the product below $10. Usually you get only 35% of each sales, but if it is below $10, then you can get 70% of each of them. As your volume increases, so does your fees.

But the other problem is that you only get 70% if the product is bought by someone in certain states. You still receive only 35% for ledgers purchased to persons outside this listing. Between the publication of the volume in November 2011 and September 2012 I bought 338 copies.

In these 11 month 30 percent of these were resold at a license fee of 35 percent. Total license fee per volume averaged 61.8%. Well, in my case, it made perfect business to give the Amazon 9-dollar rating. I' m selling the game for $15 on my own website, but that means PDF, ePub, Mobile andscreencasting.

At Amazon you can only get the mobile phone edition. Twenty-five percent of every sales means $5. Fifty-six emoluments. I' d have to buy the album for $16 to make the same amount at a discount. Obviously it is better for the consumer if I am selling for the lower end because I am doing the same thing either way.

A commentator on Twitter thought Amazon would be a worthwhile place to start on the basis of retail volumes. Just through self-marketing, my own website has far exceeded everything I've ever been selling at Amazon. I' ve sell almost 6 volumes on my own site for every single copy that Amazon is selling. Each on my own page soldout is about 96% of the selling rate (and selling at a higher price!).

For this reason alone, it makes no point pushing the masses into Amazon. In May, when I published the printed copy of the work, I modified the way my site presented the prices and let every Amazon reference fall from my page. Revenues declined significantly. If you look at the June sale on, it was at its low point ever.

This has clearly shown that it is not profitable to send humans to Amazon. Not the Amazon anymore? At this point I told myself (and others) that I would never sell through Amazon again. Whereas total turnover is still declining, the tendency has been rising since June.

In my opinion, these favourable assessments have contributed to an improvement in turnover. Sure, Amazon's June retail numbers were down significantly, but after I had collected figures from my own site, I realised that they were down as well. Perhaps my site didn't contribute as much to Amazon's overall sale as I initially thought. Indeed, every single day, Amazon has seen more growth in Amazon than my own website in the last three heats.

At the end, I've earned $1882 from since the publication of the work. I' m going to keep selling the product on Amazon for the time being. Much statesman cardinal, I am statesman apt to advisable Amazon as a fruitful decision making for e-book selling in component to patron selling.

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