Sell your Stuff Online

Do you sell your material online?

Are you afraid to hand over your credit or debit card data online? Selling your stuff online: it's an easy way to earn extra money while freeing up space in your home. The new online marketplaces can help you sell your products. Throughout the world, many of us who clean the home of old, no longer useful equipment and appliances, the following challenge involves figuring out how to sell online. Selling online is the next big thing when it comes to selling goods.

Use 69 websites to sell your goods online

There is no need for any particular skill or knowledge to sell things you want to get away from! All types of product are particularly useful as sell-through articles, from make-up to old text books and clothing. The sale of your old scrap is a good way to clear your mess while at the same time preventing wastage.

There is a good deal of cash you can make from many of these pages, and in most cases all you need to do is take a photo of the product you want to sell or order a shipment toolkit so you can submit it for review. So, what do you want to sell?

Décluttr - Use Décluttr to get your used CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray's and plays out. Either you can type a bar code for your product on the website to get an immediate quote, or you can down-load the decluttr application to check the bar codes for your listing. Second-spin - You can sell your used CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray's and plays to Second Spin.

You' ll have to prepay for shipment, but they will refund you according to the number of articles you ship that they can approve. You also buy your used CD's, DVD's, Blu-Ray's and game. As the name implies, this firm will buy your DVD's, and they will be happy to buy good value for your used videogames or cd.

You have a Blue Rocket Book buy-back programme. When you buy one of your used schoolbooks, they give you money in hand and it is free of charge. Book Byte - Bookbyte buys used schoolbooks that are in good or reasonable state. Read Review - Sell your eBooks and Tutorials through the cash4book site.

New and second-hand CKY Journals - This firm buys new and used Journals from you. They can send to them free of charge and they will make a payable within 48 hrs of receipt of your articles if they comply with their specification. eCampus - Read Review - Sell your old textbook on eCampus.

Select how you want to be payed - cheque, debit or bank balance. Powell's - Powell's gives you an estimate for each of your used titles. They can be sent to Powell's free of charge after you have received your quote. They' ll give you Powell's shop balance or easy money in your bank account for the book you are sending them.

Resell your eBook - This website gives you immediate quotations for the eBooks you want to sell. Obtain a free mailing tag to send your work for free and get the money within three working day of receiving it. Tutorials - This page provides quick prepaid paypal or cashless Paypal shipments, and you can make an offer to know what they can do for your used tutorials very quickly.

They are only interested in purchasing products with a high level of consumer interest. There is a browseable listing on the site that is nearly 60 pages long and shows what kind of book you are currently purchasing. When your book is on the listing, you will receive 40% of the listed value. TEXTOBOOK Rush - This page is primarily designed for the sale of schoolbooks.

You can pay via your bank account, via bank transfer, or via bank transfer. Amazons Trade-In - Amazon takes your old electronic. But they only sell Amazon loyalty card gifts. Gaselle - Gazelle allows you to sell your old, used or non-functioning mobile phone, iPad, tablet, Apple computer and iPod.

There are no sales charges, it is free to display your equipment. Use an online quotation service to get a fast quotation, then you can either dispatch the product or take it to a shop near you. They can be payed either by cheque, Paypal or a destination card, and there is a 10 days turnaround when you choose to post your articles.

Your payment will be sent to you by Paypal or cheque. GIAMBOT - You agree to sell high-end make-up (not pharmacy) in their market place. The MUABS - Another online make-up and skin care products market place that includes new or carefully used products that you no longer need. They can determine your own tariffs.

MUABS is also open for high-end and chemist articles. More ways to sell make-up from home. They can dispatch your articles free of charge or arrange a collection. Buyers are paying up to 70 per cent of the sales value and say that most articles are sold within 72 hrs of publication.

Recycling Your Fashions - This is an online consignation store. They will be able to provide you with a listing of the articles you wish to ship and will tell you what they can do. Then they will ship you 50 per cent of the total retail value of the item you sent when they sell.

Read the review - Sell your child's clothing to the magazine ThinkUp. Then, Twitter sends you a Paypal invoice for the articles you sent. Swapp. com - This is one of the best valued online consignation shops. They claim that about $150 per carton is earned by the seller they are sending in. Equipment Word- Here you order a trade-in set and you will receive a specific envelope.

Fill it with the clothing you want to exchange and return it. They will check everything to see if it meets your requirements and make you an estimate. You have the possibility to return or donate certain objects if you choose not to want them.

With Tradesy - With this firm you can place images of your articles and fix a prize. If you get a purchase, they will ship you a pre-paid shipment outfit. Teacher pay teacher - Read review - Upload your curricula, spreadsheets, tests und activites that other teacher can buy. Get 60 per cent royalty on the articles you sell with a free subscription.

It allows you to enumerate your own curricula. Here you can sell your education assets. rtfire - Read Review - No costs for the sale of single trades, only a month's charge for your online storefront. Sell your handcrafted or antique articles on Etsy with your own Etsy-Shopping.

Twenty centimes to keep a four-month listing of each one. Amazons hand-made - Read Review - This is Amazon's newest project - a hand-made market place. Cart Hyena - On this page you can sell handcrafted and family-friendly articles, provided they are also "green". "You can create your own window on the site, but you will have to charge a $5 if you have your business in inventory.

There is no commissions on Big Cartel products, but you are restricted to only 300 products per shop. Blueprints vary from free to $30 per months for your window display. Enter their Design Writer Programme and get 50 per cent commissions on the samples you sell. Read Craftsy - Review - Sell samples.

If you have your own samples to sell, this is a great choice because Craftsy does not charge any collection charges nor do they take a commission from your sells. This means less tendering for those who make it through the verification procedure, so it could be very profitable for you to participate.

You also have a free item, but you can only include 100 and you will be charged a 5% fee. daWanda - This firm gives you your own shop window, which you can design according to your wishes. They are only interested in hand made, unique or uncommon goods, which means that they are interested in antique and collector's pieces as well as hand made goods.

You have a very open market place where you can open your own shop and begin to sell within a few mins. The opening of a shop is free, but you keep a 10% discount on all your purchases. This site stands out from other handicraft websites by providing an online web building and web hosting service for companies that is automated into their wider online submarket.

You' re bidding four tiers of memberships, from $4. 00 to $16. 00 a month, with more expensive releases catering for more sophisticated properties. Review - Set up a shop on Zazzle and promote your own uniquely designed art and styles. Sell your design on T-shirts, cups, diaries and more.

CaféPress - Read Review - Design and sell your own CafePress Store. TeaSpring - Read Review - Make your own T-shirts and then sell them. SOCIETY 6 - This site works similar to Cafepress, but it seems to provide a slightly larger selection of items for your work.

When you become a certified vendor, it' s as easy to list one of your themes as it is to create a story. threadless - To sell your articles on threadless, you must enter a competition. Winner product will be added to the shop. Cardholders - Let CardCash know which greeting you would like to sell and they will make you an estimate.

There is a choice of receiving either money in exchange for the tickets you sell or an Amazon promotional number. CardsPool - This page gives you up to 92 per cent of your money back on the gifts you sell, plus they provide free delivery on sent them. Zen Gifts Card - Before you can sell gifts to this site, you must validate your card with a picture ID and a mobile telephone that can accept texting.

GIFCARD Bin - To sell your old Gift Maps to Gift Maps Bin, use their online tools to get a quotation, then send your Maps. You will be payed by Paypal after your order has arrived. Amazons - Read Review - It goes without saying that you can sell almost everything with Amazon.

Amazons FBA - Read Review - This is the sale on Amazon where instead of you does the article to the Amazon customers. They procure the articles and ship them to Amazon. Blinevy - Build your own online shop to sell everything. Sell your stuff on Facebook and exchange your offers with your local community and your family.

Bonnavendis - This site does not really buy by itself, but it offers a great online comparison of prices between different buy-back pages. The Eaglesaver repurchases all kinds of products, from electronic to musical to books. In order to receive a quotation, simply select the kind of product you want to sell and enter either a UPC number or ISBN to receive an immediate quot.

Read Ebay review - Sell everything. Organize your auction or add the Buy Now feature to your listings so your shoppers don't have to deal with bids. Most importantly, your vendors give you storage vouchers that you can use to cater on other items. However, you may not be able to use them on other occasions.

With the help of the above checklist, you should be able to clean up all the old things you no longer want to own and make a respectable gain.

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