Sell your Stories Online

Do you sell your stories online?

You can sell a story for many reasons. The networking with short feature film editors can promote your career. Film-makers buy rights to short stories. Published four times a year, in printed form and online. A further possibility to write and sell short stories is the participation in short story competitions.

Well, sell your story: Seventeen Magazine that pays for your stories (Cash)

Most of these plattforms do not require you to be an expert author to sell your history. You only need a convincing or interesting storyline that matches the publishing you want to sell it to. They also accept stories of their own. The book contains stories that give an accurate view of what modern living looks like for 20 and 30 year-olds.

The stories in this section mainly concentrate on psychological wellbeing, relations and individual travel about losing weights, physical appearance and general wellbeing. And if you think you have a good level of expertise that fits the site, you should definitely consider it. Their history should be in the first character, be in 1,000 to 1,500 words and offer an upright perspective.

The Motherwell is a parents' website that accept individual testimonies. This website is accepting articles relating to all facets of parenthood. Depending on the website, your paper can have any sound or stylistic expression, whether it' s funny, lyric or research-oriented. Tales filed with Motherwell must be up to 1,200 words long.

When you are looking for a place to sell your stories to the media, look no further than We buy stories. It specialises in the sale of its own stories to well-known papers, especially in the UK, such as Mirror and Daily Mail. In order to get a feeling for what kind of stories we accept, please check out the page we have listed below.

Dame Magazine says your price will be negotiated if your entry is approved. The women's magazine Dame Magazine, which reports on fashions, policy, culture and celebrities, receives egoistes. Answered stories must be between 800 and 2,000 words long. If you want to discuss a history, you can e-mail[email protected].

You must submit a request and/or bid to describe your history. To find out more about Dame Magazines and to view the entry rules, please visit the page below. Skirt, another female-oriented journal, also receives contributions for individual essay. Every montly the journal releases two face-to-face essay on this month's topic.

The article must match one of the magazine's topics and contain between 800 and 1,100 words. And you can learn more about how to enter a storyline on this page. On the website there is also a "Personal Experiences" section, which, as the name suggests, contains stories about individuals.

So if you think you have a good storyline that would match the sound of the website, then Cracked could release it. You only have to present your history to the Personal Experience staff and you will be remunerated. Everyone can enter a history on the site - you don't need to be an expert author.

In order to get a feeling for what kind of contents you are looking for crackled, visit the section Individual Experience. is another plattform that doesn't say exactly how much it will pay. And she' s looking for individual essay on the subject of breakfasts or mornings. Re-advise Crispy recommends that you review the post before submitting aitch.

And, that you also browse Google to see if your history has already been posted on the site. In order to post to the blogs, you need to submit a complete ideas to[ e-mail protected]. The BuzzFeed Reader does not indicate how much it costs. But there is also a newer section, which was created in March 2016 and concentrates more on individual stories.

BuzzFeed says the magazine is home to "cultural critique, face-to-face etudes, literature and poetry". When you want to sell your own storyline to the BuzzFeed Readers, you can do so in the shape of a one-on-one brief. You should have a powerful vocabulary and something of value to the readers.

For more information on what BuzzFeed Reader asks of a face-to-face interview, please see this page. Boston Globe doesn't say exactly how much it spends on stories. Globe is a Boston Globe journal covering a broad spectrum of subjects. There is a section named Connections, which contains ego-essays about relations.

When you have a very special affair of any kind, be it between brothers and sisters, families and kids or boyfriends, consider introducing it to the Boston Globe. You must have about 650 words in your paper. How and where you can present your story: You want to tell your history to the Boston Globe, you need to submit a request to[email protected].

Alternatively, you can post your request to Veronica Chao, Writer, The Boston Globe Magazine, PO Box 55819, Boston, MA 02205-5819. The Kveller doesn't say exactly how much he paid authors. The Kveller is an online fellowship and blogs focusing on education from a Jew view. This website is looking for individual, storytelling essay covering between 500 and 2,000 words and related to women's affairs and parenthood.

For writing for this parent website, please e-mail [email protected] with the word "submission" in the reference line. You must insert your history in the text of the e-mail or append it as a Word file. You will also need to provide a brief biography together with your personal details.

New York Times is another plattform that does not say how much it is paying authors. New York Times has a very famous New York Times article named Live's. The book contains one-on-one essay on a variety of subjects. When you want to add your own history to the journal, take the opportunity to start by reading the Life section.

Send your contribution by e-mail to[e-mail protected]. Women's Wonderland will pay $250 per piece of work. You can also sell a narrative to another mag to Woman's sWorld. In our essay "How to Make $250 Fast" we have written a detailed contribution about the great possibilities of filing stories in the female age.

Featuring a focus on the world of fashion, cosmetics, beauty, dining and decoration. There are also stories of a person. So if you want to tell your history to the journal, please e-mail[email protected]. So if you have a history that matches the sound of the blogs, you should definitely consider it.

Frisky can accept a broad spectrum of different contents, incl. individual essay. It is looking for individual essay on subjects such as work, marriage, work, travelling, physical appearance, sexuality, dating, trust and friendship. Typical essay length is between 700 and 1,000 words. Frisky recommends that you check the diary before sending your bid.

Your bid can be sent by e-mail to one of the site authors:[E-mail protected],[E-mail protected] and[E-mail protected]. It is said to be paid for stories, but not how much. There is another website that acknowledges your own stories, Narrativ. It is looking for singular stories that are carried by narratives.

To make sure you visit the page we link below to see what kinds of narrative stories is looking for. The saloon doesn't say what it will pay the authors. Yet, many group on oeuvre meeting and diary state that the press faculty pay between $100 and $200 per crime. The exhibition is an online journal with a focus on art and touring.

It is another great place for authors who want to sell their own stories. In order to post an essay or contribution, please e-mail us with the reference "Editorial Submission", which contains your question or contribution in the text of the e-mail. You must familiarise yourself with the contents of the salon before submitting a bid.

Here you can see the section "Personal Stories". Read this section to get an impression of what kind of stories the mag is following. The Slice Magazines offers a wealth of literature, non-fiction and poems. but it'?s got to be convincing. It' another journal, like Rock, which has a topic for every edition.

For the next topics and to find out more about how to sell your history to Slice, please go to the page below. Mirror doesn't say exactly how much it is paying for stories, but it claims that the more prominent your storyline is, the more it could be rich. And you could sell them your history.

When you think you have a convincing storyline that would interest the mirror, please e-mail[email protected]. So if you have an experienced writer, why not sell your stories to one of the above mentioned forums? It' a pretty simple way to make a living, and you get the opportunity to tell one of your own stories to a wider public.

If you just want to make some money from the sale of your history or are a writer interested in publicizing your news stories, you should definitely consider throwing to one of the web sites, journals or organisations on this listing.

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