Sell your Short Stories

Selling your short stories

When you have finished writing, you can edit your story. A short story can be as exciting and exciting as a novel. It is also important to protect yourself when selling short fiction films, like when selling a novel.

Where are some sites where you can sell/send short stories?

Here is our short feature film market curatorial list:

Tabloid does not embrace any fictional genres, only modern literature. Payment: $100-$300 for poetic, $25-$250 for poetic.

They publish four editions per year and often publish new authors.

Preference is given to modern literature.

Payment: $400 per short history, $200 per poet. They' re looking for active speculation for their free on-line expenditures, which are available through a combination of free on-line entry and eBook expenditures. Apex is still a regular source for new playwrights.

Fantasy & Scienceiction, another long-standing, award-winning work, has accepted a wide variety of spectacular literature, although stories should focus more on character than world building or film.

Six editions per year are issued by the journal. Meganotosaurus may like long feature films - yes, a kind of oxy moron, but unlike many other marketplaces, they welcome entries of up to 25,000 words. Accept all types of sci-fi and imagination, and a unique storyline is posted every months.

Strange Horizons releases a wide variety of spectacular literature every weekly, which includes gruesome, sci-fi and imaginative fantasies - if you can think of it, they're probably open to thinking about it.

However it does specialize in short stories and short stories in the romantic genre, making it a great place to get paid to launch your romantic write careers.

Published every three months, this printed and online journal highlights the variety, with stories by and about colored individuals. The book contains short love stories as well as hints and hints for composing and motivating or inspiring non-fiction books. You are welcome to read the short stories in Flash Fiction Online, a free download.

Roughly any invention history between 500-1,000 words is looked at, inclusively scientific invention, imagination, romance und literary invention. Are you writing lightning? It is the oldest incumbent superstore movie industry (they only take stories of 500 words or less). Accepting all genres except children's literature and sci-fi, it releases twice a year in printed form, with some stories also posted on line.

Payment: $25 lump sum per piece of history released, plus one copy of the journal.

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