Sell your own Book on Amazon

Selling your own book on Amazon

In order to sell books on Amazon, first create a seller account. If it' great, there's a good chance your book won't sell. We've put together a short video to teach you how to sell your book on Amazon.

Sell a book at Amazon (with pictures)

In order to sell a book on Amazon, first you need to open a sellers bankroll. You can either sell and send the book yourself from this bankroll or allow Amazon to send the book through the Fulfillment by Amazon-programme. If you have sales privileges for the book and want to sell large volumes of it, you can also sign up for the Advtage programme (see steps 4).

Proceed to the merchant home page. According to your needs you can set up an individual or professional merchant bankroll. And if you don't have a Amazon customer profile yet, please click on the "My Account" page in the top right hand area. Once you have provided this information, you should be sent a verification email informing you that your Amazon customer base has been set up.

Or if you already have a Amazon customer profile, click on the "My Account" page in the top right hand side of the page to access your Amazon customer area. You should see the title "Your other accounts" on the right side of your accounts page. "Click on "Your Vendor Account" at the top of the page to start the procedure for creating a Vendor Bankroll.

Before your vendor will be able to activate your vendor profile, you must log in again. Please notice the differences between an Individual and a Professional Saleseller accounts. There is a $39.99 per month subscriptions charge on a Professional Sellers' accounts, but no per-sell transaction charge. You can also use a Professional Seller account to use your feeder and spreadsheet to help you keep track of your stock and view order forms.

When you sell your book, you must specify your current payment information.

" Specify the route number and current account number. It may take several working nights, as Amazon needs to verify your Amazon banking details with your local Amazon representative. Look for the song you want to sell. To browse for the song, go to the "Sell Your Stuff" page on your primary accounts page or find the book using a default browse.

Or you can browse the book on Amazon as if you were purchasing it. When you have found the book and go to the relevant product details page, click on the "Sell at Amazon" link on the right side of the page to start your offer. You can also enter a new name.

You can start your search for the ISBN on the "Sell Your Stuff" page if the book you want to sell is not yet on Amazon. If no results are displayed, Amazon will instruct you to start a new entry. Enter all information about the book, as well as the book name, ISBN, book name, book name, and publishing information.

Choose the selling cost of your book and enter this information in the appropriate box. When the book is already on Amazon, a good way to find out the selling point is to write down the prices at which other vendors have made their list.

As you are just starting out as a salesperson, you need to sell your copy at a low cost to persuade prospective buyers to buy your copy through someone else. The" state" of the book must be adjusted. You' ll also need to enter a brief status report and make a notation of whether your book is a hardback or pocket.

A used book is in a state ranging from "Like New" to "Acceptable". "A book can only be considered "New" if it has never been touch or reread. If everything looks as if it had never been affected, a book is "as new". If the pages and envelope are in good shape and tidy and the back is not damaged, a book is "very good".

If the pages and book jacket are in good condition, a book is "good". You can also add the book with the" Aus der Bibliothek von" logo. If the pages and artwork are in good condition, a book is "acceptable". When a book is "unacceptable", it cannot be distributed through Amazon. If a book contains pages that are not available, hidden text or torn envelopes, it is "unacceptable".

Store and listen to your book. Choose the type of shipment you want to specify before storing your offer. As soon as you have saved your entry, the book will be offered for purchase on ``. Modify an earlier entry to "Fulfilled by Amazon". "Please complete the following instructions to open a merchant bank and offer a book for purchase as before.

It can be transformed into an FBA-list. In the" Inventory" section of your balance on the "Seller Headquarters" page, choose the "Manage inventory" option. Choose the book you want to use. Tick the checkbox next to the book in the lefthand hand field. Choose "Change to Fullfilled by Amazon" in this menue.

" You should be redirected to the Amazon converter page. Use the" Convert" pushbutton to modify the entry. Check the route description to your first consignment. Send your book to Amazon. Amazons fulfilment centres are at your disposal. Choose the closest site and use the instructions to send your book or book to this fulfilment centre.

For your book, Amazon generates PDF format products and mailing tags. Printout these tags and affix them to your mailing envelopes as specified. Use Amazon's reduced postage service to ship the book to the fulfilment centre. You can also use your own airline if you find this alternative less expensive or otherwise preferable.

Watch the offer and leave the remainder to Amazon. Amazons store and ship your goods. You only need to do one thing to monitor the list for your own recordings. You' ll be notified when Amazon gets your book. Amazon Fulfilment Centre scans your stock, captures the measurements and terms of the items and enters this information into the on-line tracker system.

If a client buys a book you sell at FBA, Amazon ships the order to the client and updates your list.

In addition, you will need a current e-mail adress, online connection and a US banking acco. Please be aware that every track you are listing requires a current ISBN and a readable bar code. Once you have registered a track, you will be sent a first order email with directions on how to login and validate your order.

In order to validate an order, you must login to your member page and choose the "Orders" page. Once you have clicked on the appropriate order number, you will acknowledge the order and get delivery directions. Only when you register a security will your Advtage profile be fully activated. Printout your dispatch labels and delivery notes.

These vouchers can be printed from your order acknowledgment page. Your package note should be enclosed in the carton with the book you are sending. You will find the dispatch sticker on the outside of the carton. Submit a copy to a fulfilment centre. Amazons will tell you which fulfilment centre to mail your book to and the delivery sticker will indicate the adress.

When you send an order to an Amazon fulfilment centre that does not match your needs, Amazon can return it at your cost. We will notify you when we receive your order. Have Amazon do the work. Amazons will sell and deliver the book.

As part of the Advtage programme, the book is offered for retail under the name of Amazon and not your vendor. They do not get any confirmation about the book's acquisition or state. When I' m near an Amazon fulfilment centre, can I just take my work there? No, I talked to a man at Amazon who said it was a very complex trial and that personal shipping was not beneficial to their trial.

I' m a member of a non-governmental organisation and we have released a book with the UNHCR for victims of terror. We' re selling it for very low (it's a $4 donation). Is it available through Amazon? Consider Amazon's FBA services, which make them available to a very broad public (since you will send your supply to Amazon and they are the ones who pack and send it).

Folks like to buy material when it's sent through Amazon and if it's FBA, then it allows major members to get it faster too. You will be asked for your payment details when you create your bank details and the funds will be transferred to your bankroll.

When I have Amazon Prime, does it cut the costs of a book sale? You can, however, use Amazon Fulfillment to send and maintain your products stock, allowing Amazon to do the work for you. Articles in excess of 300 US Dollar and Pound can be sent free of charge with FBA.

How can I, as a Nigerian, fill in the "Add Loan Information" section while I register to sell my book if Nigeria is not present in the list of states? When I put my novel up for purchase as an e-book on Kindle and it's available from Kindle Unlimited, am I prevented from publishing and distributing the book as a pocket book through third-party bookstores and Amazon?

There are no restrictions as long as the agreement you conclude with Amazon states that it is non-exclusive. When the book is a pocket book that weighs about 1 and is sent to the UK, what are the postage costs and who will pay for it? The amount of delivery charges will depend on your Kindle.

Do you have a US book shop for oral tradition? The Amazon US book trade is limited and you will usually have no problems to sell it. Is Amazon charging a toll or taking part of the money? Yes, Amazon usually takes a provision if you decide to sell through it.

Do you have a way to ship crates of booklets to an Amazon fulfilment centre? For how much do I need to sell a book to make a profit? No. I don't know. I' d like to sell my new book on Amazon, but I'll take care of it. If I sell a book, who will pay for it, the purchaser or me?

Do I have Amazon fulfill my e-book by selling the Kindle digitally to other people? Are you able to sell non-published individual titles without ISBN numbers on Amazon? Enter your e-mail to receive a reply when this is the case.

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