Sell your Ebook Online

Selling your Ebook Online

Ready to sell your eBook online? Ebook sellers are the channels that bring your literary work to the reader. Get more out of your eBook by sell it for free here.

Over the past few months we've made some fairly big eBook announcements: an industry's best 90/10 sales mix, Barnes & Noble's NOOK sales mix, a convenient new World to EPUB Converter and a new sales management page where you can choose to sell with one click.

There are so many ways eBooks can help us attract new audiences that we are constantly looking for ways to improve our e-books. Today we are pleased to announce another eBook function that gives you more freedom to sell your work: the eBook: Complimentary prices. eBook writers can now sell and sell their eBooks at the iBookstore for $0.00.

"How can I sell my eBooks for free?" Up to now we have seen how writers use free price structuring in various ways to better promote their works: Preview your free eBook: Let your reader's first section or two of your eBook is a great way to get them addicted to your history and more likely, but the comlete work.

Additions to your print version: It' a great way to keep your supporters interested in your work, even if they have already read it. Complimentary additions could contain biographies of characters, backgrounds on how you began your storyline, etc. Imagine it almost like your own creator's comment for your work.

"ªPersonal recommendations....made possible by free copyability of eBooks act as a power allowing the reader to make educated assumptions about who else will like it and give these reader a compelling sales completion tool.º. The majority of people buy a work because someone recommends it to them. The New York Times reports that more than half of the best-selling eBooks are currently available for free on some of the most common e-readers.

So, there you have it, you are now free to gamble around with your pricing, however you want to better reach your readers. What do you do? For more information or to launch your own eBook with just a few mouse clicks, please go to our eBook publication page.

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