Sell your Ebook

Selling your Ebook

There are 5 laws to selling tens of thousands at a time. You wonder what your "hourly rate" is when you are writing a textbook? Seriously, even for the publishers it's a big game of chance - with all the additional cost of print, advertising, publishing, wholesale pricing and so on, nothing will remain for you. There is a much better approach: self-publishing and acquiring the fundamentals of selling your books to the right people.

You know every single one of your readership as an added benefit and can develop a powerful connection with them - which is great for you because you can tailor your books to the reader's and readers' needs because they have the feeling that there is a real person to listen to them. In order to do this, you need to keep your cost down and your margins up.

It is not good to be selling many specimens almost without profits, as the markets for specialised titles are restricted. Publicise the textbook yourself. 5: high. for the value you're offering, not what you feel right. Obviously you need to know how to promote your book?-?you, because you can't just sitting there waiting for folks to come.

One could say: "But Thomas, you have a billion fans on the Interweb, your shit is selling itself! "I' m constantly listening to this, but being "internet famous" (in a very small circle) is not going to be selling your product. E-mail listings work well for e-books like these. In order for someone to entrust their e-mail addresses to a foreigner (also known as you), you need to give them something useful in return?-?for, a voucher to get the books for less, free sections or free week-long hints and hints.

If you don't commercialize, you don't do it. A few extra things that don't take much of your schedule, you should try to do is country feeds on your podcast and post featured postings on postings that are persona-large. I gave a free "retinafying" flow chart for Retinafy (the flow chart was downloading almost 100,000 times), and I sent e-mails to the person who registered to be told about the books approximately once a week, each with a little treat and why retinafiting is important and necessary, why the books will make it really simple, and a quotation from a readership (who collect!).

As soon as you find out the right amount (you have to adjust the amount first and keep in mind not to build your amount on what is right, see no. 5), in order to be lucrative and your investment period, you should consider what you want to be your orphanage. When you use PayPal to sell your e-books, you can expect to end up charging 5% or so in charges.

On the $700+ notebook, this makes my per hour fee, and this is only going to improve with more purchases. By the way, the per hour fee will tell you how many specimens you should aim at for - if, the amount you are projecting is below a certain number, it is inconvenient.

The aim in my life for this volume are 3,000 specimens (which I achieved after 2½ years). By way of comparison: JavaScript Performance Rocks! a volume that Amy and I have written in 2008 has so far written 2,686 books for a grand total of $79,964.96. This makes it more difficult for you and your reader, breaking things, being nasty and, above all, not stopping anyone from making pirate prints.

Don't waste any of your precious work. We come to the last and probably most important regulation, the high in prices. When someone works for an HR of say $100, rereading my Retinafy e-book will perhaps store them a full weeks of research, trying to reread through blogs post, compile information, run tests, and try things cross-browser, and so on.

That' 4,000 dollars in comparison to a 29 dollar novel. That's less than 1% of the amount of cash you loose when you research everything yourself. So you can even offer a self selling product, an enormous value for ?and to make a decent return. Interested in bringing your own product to market, just like this one?

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