Sell your Ebook

Selling your Ebook

Sellers of e-books are the distribution channels that bring your e-book to the reader. No wonder Amazon's KDP remains the most popular platform for authors to sell e-books. You can sell your book through Scribd, the world's largest online library. Share your book on the most popular eReaders like Kindle, iPad, Nook and more. This is fantastic on your first eBook, Bastiaan, well done!

Find out where you can sell your eBooks online.

Ebook vendors are the channel that get your e-book to the readers. When you are considering to publish an ebook for yourself gain versus joke, allocation by these dealers is crucial to the hit of your product. You can of course be acquainted with some of the most important e-book vendors, but there are a number of different retail and wholesale dealers on the market.

Each of the e-book vendors below offers to sell your personal online work. Several, such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble, also have self-publishing tools designed to integrate smoothly with their sales team. Some such as Baker & Taylor or Gardners are wholesale bookshops who bring electronic literature to a particular fair. When you pay a self publisher facility to do the online upload to e-book vendors for you, you could verify to make sure they upload to at least the main gamers and check alcove dealers out to see if they match your target Market for your product.

When you use a DIA plattform like Smashwords and upload your own eBooks, remember that each of these e-book vendors can have different upload technology and you should review with each one for their own e-book-specs. With the NOOK e-reader, Barnes & Noble, the biggest stationary bookstore in the USA, has made a name for itself in the e-book market.

Cobo Writing Life: If you want to be available through your local affiliate reseller, please post it on Kobo. Started as a Toronto start-up, Kobo was bought by a Japan company and is a worldwide e-book vendor. Kobo signed a contract with the American Booksellers Association in 2012, after the collapse of the Google e-bookstore, to be the formal e-book vendor for autonomous bookshops of the American Booksellers Association.

It allows the user to buy an whole or just "slices" of contents and uses the example of itineraries as examples where one does not want or need the whole story, but only one or two chapters. "The Copia application (supposedly works with almost any device) allows the user to "write" at the edges of the e-book text and easily exchange the marginals with other people.

This seems to be aimed at academic groups, although there are obviously wide range of uses, from companies to groups of books. and Taylor: Baker & Taylor is primarily known as a wholesale distributor in the bookselling and librarianship markets, delivering and distributing access to digitized contents to libs on a proprietary Axis 360 electronic circulating system that can be used with the Blio reading application designed for use with Windows, Android and iPhone and iPod touch terminals.

Gardner's: Similar to Baker & Taylor in the USA, Gardner's UK distribution of digitised contents in various forms. Please be aware that Gardner's has a number of publishing house parameter (including self-published authors) to list their works. eSentral: eSentral is an eBook vendor that serves Southeast Asia for those who want to operate globally.

As soon as you have hidden your ebook tightly with ebook vendors, the next move is to further your product so folks want to buy it.

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