Sell your Book Idea

Selling your book idea

is a self-published author looking at the six best publishers for his next book. The Celebrity author teaches you how to pitch and sell your book idea before you write the book. You try to sell a book, you'll fail. Don't talk to me about your book. When you find an idea that appeals to the audience, there's still a lot to do.

What is the best way to sell a book idea to a publishing house?

You' ve got an idea you think would make an awesome book, but how do you sell your idea? Is it easy to submit your work to a select publishing house? To give your book the best chance of being released, please complete these simple instructions. Are you looking for a publishing house that might be interested in your book styles?

A way to find what you are looking for is to use Writer's Mark. Select three or four publishing houses that seem to be interested in your book model. Send them an e - letter or send them a copy of their author's policies. The rules specify how to send a book idea to them and whether to send it in on-line or by post.

Please enter a one-page inquiry about your book. You can either attach an e-mail or a hardcopy, according to the publishing house. Wherever possible, you should direct your message to the individual making the decision. Your selling point is this inquiry note. Do not exaggerate, make your book appear as interesting as possible.

Give your book a name in your request for information. Please await an answer to your request. When the publishing house asks you to do so, please send us a book suggestion. You can find book samples on-line or use the Writer's Mark for download. Add to your suggestion why you think your book will sell, a book review of the book in question, an overview of the sections of your book, an expected date on which you can close the book, and two or three example sections.

Obviously, you should adhere to the publisher's policies and make sure that everything they require is included. When they like your suggestion, they will talk to you to decide when you can present the whole book to them, when they can release it and how you will be remunerated.

Adhere to one page for your inquiry note. In case your chosen publishing house wishes to receive a request by post, please ensure that you include a return postage-paid envelop with your own address. It' okay to send requests to several publishers at the same and you don't know who could say'yes'. Don't wait to sell your book immediately with your first request for quotation.

A number of authors work years before being asked to make a suggestion or publish a book.

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