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Selling a website

If it' s time to sell your website, the hardest part is finding out how much it is worth before a deal can be made. Learn how to sell websites to make money. Our company sells highly profitable Internet-based companies. This is the best way to sell on Facebook. We' re always ready to advertise the items you want to sell.

We' re feeling your grief - that was us four years ago.

Sell your website or shop on-line can be a little nerve-wracking no matter how skilled you may be. If you waste your precious free and the site doesn't sell? Purchasers have to do a due check and end up squandering your money on tyre-footers. You' re interested, but you never really wanted to buy the store.

They must guide the purchaser through the takeover of the site, host the site, ensure that all contents work and change the entire monetisation on the site. When we sold literally a hundred websites and companies we began to experience the frustration and inconvenience of the sales proces. The handling of unreliable "buyers" and the handover was a serious wastage of our precious times and ressources.

So, we started to build a market place that was less irritating and more profitable for the market. You' ll earn more cash with us than if you sell the site yourself. Usually we enumerate a website by taking the 6 to 12 month net income averages and then multiply this number by a factor of 20X to 60X+, according to a number of different parameters.

You' ll receive immediately in front of our 45K+ customer e-mail lists, which we e-mail each week to the location where we are listing new websites. More and more interested inserts and hundrets of users flooding the market place every single e-mail we receive. The majority of offers go to several investors and interested purchasers.

Since the launch of our market place in early 2013, we have already oversubscribed nearly a thousand sites and can hardly ever complete the transaction. We' ll even put the website over to the purchaser so you don't have to. We' ll take care of all the communication between you and the purchaser, giving you more free to concentrate on managing and expanding your busines.

While we take over the handover of the website to the purchaser for you, you can ease down. We' ve moved nearly a thousand different sites. There' s nothing to be worried about when they steal your website ideas. Both you and the purchaser benefit from this. On the other hand, the issue with open selling is that tens of imitators are appearing to try to collect on the alcove and website structures.

It is 100% reimbursable if we are unable to refuse or for whatever reasons cannot show your site, but if we have the charge, we can concentrate on the reputable vendors and take the right amount of diligence in the review. On the basis of the listed prices, we take 8-15% after a succesful sell, which is higher than some other alternatives, granted.

You will want to buy it because you still earn more with us than if you had been selling the website yourself. Here is the breakdown: several inlays and interested purchasers. While we take care of the transfer of the website or the shop to the purchaser for you, you can ease up. We' ve been migrating over a thousand different sites and onlines.

Our blank gloves help you prevent the difficult task of hoisting. To the customer, so you don't have to. We' ve moved nearly a thousand different sites. Both you and the purchaser benefit from this. On the other hand, the issue with open selling is that tens of imitators are appearing to try to collect on the alcove and website structures.

You will receive a 8-15% commision after a succesful sales, dependent on the listed price: You will still do more with us than if you had been selling the website or the store itself. How do I get a listing of my company? These are our latest demands for on-line transactions that must be fulfilled before they can be approved on our market place.

Affiliate/advertising websites must be on the same site for the last 12 month. Service / client companies must draw over 50% of their revenue from several customers, can not rely on a sole one. IMPORTANT: The store cannot be associated with any kind of sporadic content, gaming malpractice, illicit substance, any kind of crime, any website that promises to cure with plant-based remedies/other doubtful allegations, or anything leaning in the line of these classes (which we will also see during the review period).

As well as the above mentioned category, any website with counterfeit sellers, IG/Facebook/Twitter supporters, etc. will be rejected immediately. Once approved, your shop will be placed on our market place and share with our site users and e-mail recipients. We' ve got starving shoppers looking for mature, lucrative sites and companies.

I and my customers have done a lot of business with them and they do a great job for both the purchaser and the vendor on every one. It went bankrupt after I went to sleep and was dumped before I awoke! It was the people I confided in when I was selling one of my e-commerce pages.

This is one of the best web site sales service I've used in a long while. These pages earned within a few day and showed a better performance than advertised. I' ve dumped over a doze of websites in the past year and the websites actually move. Purchasing my first income-generating website through EF was a great one.

What will my site sell / how do you rate your sites? Web sites are resold at a multiples of the net income per month. Usually we take an avg. of the net gain of the last 6-12 month and multiplicate it by a multiples (20X to 60X+) to calculate the prize.

Where the site is or has been seasonally profitable for several years, we take an annual net income of at least 12 month on board. Where the company has an asset, we include the wholesaler value or the discount value of the asset in addition to the multiple. For example, a content-based AdSense site that has made a net gain of $24,000 in the last 12M.

We take the month averages ('2,000) and use a multiples (say 28X) to calculate the prices. You will get 85% of the total sale amount ($56,000) or $47,600 in this case. Halloween drop-shipping site that generated $60,000 in cash receipts in September/October/November and $10,000 in profits. It made $80,000 all year 2013 with a $12,000 win.

Since the site is season-dependent, we look at the net profits per month from 2013 ($1,000/month) and multiplicate them by multiples (say 20X) ($20,000). At $5,000 in stock, the site is priced at $25,000. Sites have made $4,100/month in total income, but we are subtracting the value of $100/month and $500/month of the cost and inserting the net income at $3,500/month.

Utilizing a multiple of 26X, we register the site for $91,000 and the vendor receives 85% or $77,350. In order to get an estimation of how much your website could be valuable, try our website rating tool. If my site does not sell? If you register your company with us, we ask you for a 6-month exclusive period so that we have enough free space to conduct transactions, quotations and negotiations on your account.

So if your company is not yet on sale, you can either keep it with us and we will resell it or you can take it off the market to sell it elsewhere. For how long does it take to sell a website through the market place? Whilst Sites under $100K tends to go fast, we have been selling $200K+ Sites in less than a months and have had $40K sites take a months or more.

Please allow at least 6 month exclusiveness to sell and sell your shop on line. While we can give you a competitive quote after we have reviewed your website for selling, keep in mind that each store is different and our estimates are well-founded estimates, not the real time line when your company will be selling.

Does on-line companies ever sell for less than the listed prices? Shoppers can make quotes on your website or company at or below the full listed prices. You and the purchaser may want to get together in the centre and draw up a financial schedule. As an example, 85% of the offer in advance and 15% over four month.

How do you need me to enumerate my website? Full month sales data screen shots (gross month sales, net month profit). Full validated month-to-month spending (cost of goods resold, VA's, contents, promotion, hosting, etc.). Have you got further queries about the sale of your website? You can find further information in the FAQs of the Extended Website Sellers and in our knowledgebase.

Are you willing to sell with us?

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