Sell Stories Online

Selling stories online

The sale of short feature films in paying markets makes you sweat, new readers and, oh yes, some cash! Would you like to sell your dramatic true story to a popular national women's magazine? Meaning comes from stories. The porn victim couldn't leave the house after his friend put naked pictures online. It is impossible to personalize our stories to amaze children and make adults their heroes.

I want you to sell my history!

Give us a call or e-mail us, even if you are not sure if you have a history. We ask you to tell us without being obliged to ask us to sell it for you. We' re not gonna do anything with your history unless you give us the go-ahead.

There is no need to make your history - that's what we do. Do you want to mail us a few sentences or a longer abstract? Don't be scared, don't think you will be stupid - let us help you determine if you have a history that' s in the market. A number of group deliberation they can sale their own message, but you run the probability to not get the abstraction cost for your message because you don't person the content and connection to do so.

How would you know how to sell a history?

I sell my story pricelist

It'?s your history that's in the spotlight. When a lot of papers and journals want to buy your history, then you are more likely to win a better prize than if only one pub is interested. Your history is exclusively. All editors want every narrative to be an exclusion. There is less interest in stories from respondents who have already published in many papers.

Their history is current. When your message is triggered by a analogous message in the headlines, it may be couturier medium of exchange. As an example, when the Duchess of Cambridge had a nausea and the actor Angelina Jolie had a bipolar amputation, I was able to sell stories to respondents' journals who reported on her similar experience.

If it' a tale about you, you are lucky to be seen and pictured. A lot of publishers don't even approve of anonymity stories for free. You have photos and videos to help you understand your history. It can be a good picture, while top prizes are charged for film. You do not sell your history directly to a paper or journal (including your own paper).

The reason for this is that they do not know the real value of their history and the journalists are paying as little as possible. The stories are then often resold to the respondent without additional charges. So how much do you want for your game? Of course, everyone wants to be remunerated for the sale of their history.

However, the reality is, papers, periodicals and TV are all companies with balancing accounts and keeping their budget. A number of folks believe that local papers and journals will always be paying ten thousand for stories. A few journals are promoting the fact that they are paying up to 2,000 pounds for a history. You may have only "up to" that a fistful of past and then only pays for a very spectacular history.

It' great to be able to give everyone a thousand quid for their stories. However the bottom line if you are unrealistic and want more moneys than anyone wants to be paying for your history then you are not able to sell them! What kind of cash for the sale of my history to a paper or journal is therefore reasonable?

Womens averages between £300 and 500 for a powerful, two page, real history. When more than one periodical wants a history, awards can be anything from £500 to £1000. Very rarely, when several magazins bid for a storyline that is in high demand, it can cost up to £2000 or sometimes even more.

Boulevard newspaper payment is similar for live stories. They can go over 5,000 or more for uncommon, spectacular and very popular stories. In fact, Featureworld has been selling stories for ten thousand of apounds. It is important to note, however, that most papers cannot allow themselves to spend millions of quid for a single history, and the amount will most likely go into the hundred.

In the meantime, smaller stories in journals and papers will be less valuable. Showing up in a very brief play for a periodical might earn you 50 as many healthcare sites either choose to spend a small thank-you charge or not at all to spend respondents for their stories. Several broadsheets also have the politics of not having to prepay respondents for stories.

But here, too, there are some TV channels that the respondents do well. A way to dramatically boost your revenue from the sale of your history is to appear in several stores. When your history is published in a paper, one or two periodicals in the UK, on TV and in foreign journals, your income will really accumulate... as here for the respondent Elaine.

If I take out the operative, will I make more profit? In short, because an asset can sell your storyline at the best bid. Its history can also be resold to other publishers. Find out more about whether you should contact a paper or journal to sell your stories or through an agen.

There are some folks, for a multitude of reason, don't want to be payed for their history - that's okay and if it's important that folks know that you haven't been payed, that can be added at the end of any item. It' also help to look to the past when you sell your history.

Those whose stories have been published in the local media have closed a bookstore or won a company precious PR. Some have successfully recounted their stories to increase consciousness or to achieve fairness. Are you willing to find out how much your history is all about?

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