Sell Short Stories for Money

Selling short stories for money

The trick with a short story is to sell it more than once. Best blogging tools you need to make money. Poesy, short stories, art, creative non-fiction. They can also sell your real life stories to chat and receive payments. Sell short novels - so write them.

In on your fiction and short stories with these 20 literary pages

I recently read the bio of Philip K. Dick, the writer of such remarkable stories as Do Android's Dream of Electric Sheep? In his short 53-year life Philip wrote 44 books and 121 short stories. Philip needed some money and counted on his fantasy to create a novel, which was then written for a journal.

Writers can still earn money today by creating fictitious stories and essay and sell them to journals as well as to conventional and on-line publishing houses. To do this, the simplest way is to submit the work to a literature magazine. Whereas many literature is closely linked to a school or a school, others are "free-standing" organizations run by a dedicated staff of writers, reporters and sometimes even marketers.

For the most part, these people have recurring positions outside their literature interests. This is only a selection of 20 available literature magazines that authors are paying for the submission of their work. The majority of these pages are freely accessible and can be submitted on-line (you save shipping costs).

Apex & Abyss - This magazine receives articles on "speculative and fanciful phantasy and poetry" and looks for stories that are determined by the characters. The fee for posted contributions is 6 cent per words for up to 1,250 words, and it seems that longer contributions (up to 10,000 words) will be paid a lump sum of $75.

AGNI- This printed and on-line periodical receives nine-month essay, poem and literature. Acceptable fees are $10 per page for poetic and $20 per page for poetic, with a $150 limit. Analogue- This printed and German language publication contains up to 20,000 words of sci-fi stories.

Winner stories are charged 8-10 Cent per words. Scientific research must be an integrated part of the history entered. Apex - This journal searches for short stories in the fields of scientific fiction, imagination and ghosts, no longer than 7,500 words. Asimov' s Scientific Fiction - Launched by the homonymous writer, Asimov' s Scientific Fiction will accept stories of up to 20,000 words in length that are strongly character-based.

Winner Stories are awarded at 8-10 Cent per words for the first 7,500 words and 8 Cent for each over 7,500 words. Entries should not exceed 11,000 words. Boulevard - This book offers up to 8,000 words of essay, literature and poetics. Payment for postings is $100-$300 for poetic and $25-$250 for lyric.

The Camera Obscura Journal of Literature and Photography- This journal receives essays and poems with a purse of $1,000. The Cincinnati review - All fictional categories are here released with the criterion that the "work has energy" and "is full of speech and action". "Publish records earned $25 per spread.

Clarkesworld- Submit your scientific literature and phantasy fictions here; posts posted deserve 10 cents/word up to the first 5,000 words and 8 cents/word for each of the words above 5,000. Records must be between 1,000 and 16,000 words. Lightspeed- This magazine will accept 1,500 to 10,000-word submission in scientific literature, preferring stories with approximately 5,000 words.

Authors who are released deserve 8 cent per words. The Lorian Hemingway Short Stories Competition - Begun by Ernest Hemingway's grandchild in 1981, this competition does not accept stories longer than 3,500 words. A History - This magazine releases only one history of fictional literature every three to fourweek. Tales must be between 3,000-8,000 words, and approved posts deserve $500.

Shimmer- This journal looks for hedge stories with powerful feminine character and storylines. Weird Horizons - If you like to write "what-if" scenes, this journal is looking for authors of hedgehogs. Acceptable items must be 10,000 words or less; you pay 8 Cent per item. Antioch Review articles, literature and poetic contributions of up to 5,000 words are welcome, and contributions posted are priced at $20 per-page.

This magazine produces articles, novels and books on various subjects. There is no length limitation, but the vast majority of stories are about 5,000 words long. Sonnenmagazin - This magazine offers a variety of literature, among them essay, interview, fiction und poetic works. Contributions should not exceed 7,000 words.

Payments range from $300-$2,000 for essay and interview, $300-$1,500 for literature, and $100-$200 for literature. Accepting up to 4,000 words of literature and poems, The Threepenny Review will pay $400 and $200 for articles post. The Virginia Quarterly- VQ can accept literature from 2,000 to 8,000 words, poems and even non-fiction.

Short feature films are remunerated at $1,000+, poetry at $200 or $1,000 each for a five-part series. You will receive 25 cent per words for your own articles or literature reviews. The advantage of submitting a short novel or poetry on-line is that you can easily submit it to a few pages of literature.

That greatly enhances your odds of being released and remunerated. Authors keep saying how many good entries are.... but they do not comply with the entry rules and are therefore discarded or thrown away. Don't miss your opportunity to be posted because you haven't followed the instructions. Don't get disheartened if your first try to get your books bought doesn't work.

The majority of writers have to make several attempts and drafts before they are public.

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