Sell my Story Online

Selling my story online

There are many reasons why you decide to sell a story. It' easy to sell your story to the press! Give us a call or email us, even if you are not sure if you have a story. Turns out the answer was a love story. Being the oldest and most trusted media agency in the UK, our Real Life team can help you sell your story to your favourite publication - and you get a fee!

Selling my story | Talking to the press

If you think: "How do I sell my story", how do you know where to begin? Don't be alarmed, we are a multi-award-winning newswire. It'?s your story, your way of telling it. You had your hands all the way through the sale of your story. Maximum story payment guarantee. Complete the "Sell my story" rating sheet on this page with some of your story detail.

All you have to do is enter a few words with the most important points of your story. So that we can learn more about your history and its value. All we need to know is what your story contains (you can even tell us in keywords). When you are ready to take the next steps, we will summarize your story and contact journals and papers on your behalf to find out who is interested in your story.

As we are independant, we buy for you the best offer for your story and auctions. So if you don't want to sell your story, let us know. As long as you don't alter your opinion after the story has been printed, we can see that humans do!

As soon as we have an offering that you are satisfied with, your story will be told and made known. Please keep in mind that our main goal is that YOU are satisfied with the final story. We will arrange a photo shoot if it suits your story.

A photo shoot is just for the sake of having photographs of sufficient qualitiy for printing in a journal or paper (relevant photographs you submit sometimes look good to the unaided but are not good enough for printing because the image size is too low).

At last - pay for your story, TV shows and books! As soon as the story is published, we can publish your story in another journal or paper (if you wish). Learn more about how we make sure you get the highest commission when you sell your story: Have the best offer for my story.

Alternatively, you can receive a free, non-binding evaluation of your story. If I sell my story with the Press, how am I safe? Talc to the Press is part of the UK's biggest freelance press broker. Approximately 20% of all nationwide printed bulletins / feature listings are available per days.

It is our quest to make the sale of your story worthwhile in every respect. For the layman who has no clue how to publish his story, I can see Talk to the Press as a big help to many and many. What's the value of my story? May I get a free story rating?

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