Sell my novel

Selling my novel

Please remember that agents only get paid if they sell your book. In all honesty, my first novel would never have been published without Diane. The Writing and Selling Your Novel is a revision and extension, a new edition, but with the same mission: to help you write publishable fiction. Find out how to set the right selling price for your book so you can sell your book at a competitive price compared to other books in your genre. You sell as well as bestsellers of traditionally published authors -- at Amazon.

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All you need to know about buying and publishing a product! The sale of your narrative to a paper or journal can be the first stage in the process of creating your own work. If you have already authored your books, we are committed to ensuring that the writers receive unsurpassed coverage in the main domestic papers, journals and television.

This is the ultimative guideline for getting into your books - plus the frahlings and publishing houses to which you can submit your work. Cyb Black came to Featureworld to promote her new novel The Ecstasy, Falsehood. The subject of the absentee father was influenced by her own infancy and the education of her two girls as lone mothers.

To win Cy the promotion for her novel, we placed her tale on two pages of the Daily Mail and her novel was advertised at the end of her post. Reread Cy's tale and see it in the paper here. Cherry Willoughby's tale of her failed Featureworld sponsorship in the Daily Mail and later in two women's journals prompted her to create her own text.

Since then she has been publishing her own novel When Love is not Enough and even created her own website to advertise it. Shirley Yanez's story about why she gave up sexual intercourse and stayed Celibacy for ten years appears on two pages in the DAILY MIRROR paper two years ago. Now we' re glad that Shirley recently released a work.

Shirley's The Sport of Seduction is available at Amazon. And after her tale was published in the paper, Shirley said: "The sale of my storyline strengthened my own image and I was asked to give lectures on TV and FMR. Wishing Shirley every happiness with her new work.

WE' RE EXPERT TO SELL YOUR HISTORY THE WAY YOU WANT IT! Having read the articles in the paper and journal, her history was taken up by a top publishing house and published in July 2012 as a pocketback. For the first time, Terrie e-mailed Featureworld 2010 to sell her appalling mishap.

Have a look here in the paper and see it in the mag. A veterinarian, Matthew Watkinson, wanted to publish his novel, and his inner revelation about the true vet job was published in the Daily Mail. The sale of your stories to a paper or journal is also a great way to advertise your work.

In the Daily Mail, Sarah Strudwick's Infidelity Unwrapped was quoted in her essay asking the question: Is there an AI? For the former storeman went back to his first true passion, the letter. Featureworld featured Ian's unbelievable storyline on a two-page page in the Daily Mirror along with a blog entry for his bio, Burnt Mirage.

In a few short jourses, his editor had gotten a call from Richard and Judy asking if he wanted to go on the show. Like any would-be author knows, the Channel 4 show hosts the renowned Richard and Judy Book Club and is considered one of the most powerful programs for author.

He' s doing his next one now. Meanwhile Ian has released a new volume - Nine Lives: Ian' s books are available at Amazon for £6.95. I' m also suggesting to read a tale that gives some useful hints on how to approach a frahling. I usually get an e-mail from someone who tells me that he has a novel to sell and asks me for help on how to make a novel or sell his one.

A lot of folks are dreaming of seeing their history in the press, but the reality is that it' s very difficult to sell your novel or your books and unfortunately very fewfolk can. Only a small number of those who sell their novel to a publishers will actually make enough to sell tales for a livelihood.

While a lot of folks ask me if I can make their stories for them (unfortunately I can't!) or find someone who wants to, the reality is that editors are looking for someone who has a gift for it. Publishing houses want to make investments in authors who can publish one novel after another.

So, it's a good idea to be truthful - do you really have what it took to create and sell a work? These is the kind of persistence that you need to be successful in the field of typing and sales. When you' re really decided, you have to design your novel in detail and then work.

Editors and frahlings await a summary of your text (including how your tale ends so they know that you have a satisfying one) as well as the first three sections. You must also include a self-portrait ( (remember to sell yourself and make yourself feel exciting) before sending your text to one of them.

There is no question that if a trader or agents is interested you will be awarded with a call. It is part of every writer's live and doesn't mean you won't sell your narrative, so don't take it personal. Instead, repack your chapter and mail it to the next agents or publishers on your mailing lists.

As a matter of fact, many folks will actually be writing several whole books before one is out. You won't know if you can sell your history or not until you try. Although you can't sell your history, there are other avenues. You may have kept a journal, but your own history can be handed down through the ages.

Publishing in a domestic journal can offer you a large range of newspapers and magazines for publishing houses. This can also help to get you on your way to glory, as TV productions from chats to documentary films are often also interested in your work. It' well known that publishing houses like to sell celebrities' tales.

It makes sence to sharpen your own image before you turn to a publishing house with your own history, because it shows that you can advertise and are a merchantable being. It is also not unheard of that editors turn to commoners whose astonishing biography has been published in national teams or in a journal to turn their history into a work.

And, when your textbook is released, you can often resell your storyline to advertise it. How about the sale of my storyline as a flick or a flick? This may be a great picture, but the way to Hollywood is to sell your storyline to a paper or mag or to write this novel.

While I' m not the kind of broker who can sell your literature to a publishers, I can sell a tale about you or something you've seen to advertise your novel. Maybe an romance gave you a great notion of how to write your first novel about women. A number of healthcare departments in supra-regional papers will be particularly pleased to give you the opportunity to make a plug-in purchase for your history of a recent one.

Unfortunately, there is a much smaller shorter format available for shorter storytelling than the real world, although some women's journals might do so. They often have a certain length of uninterested destiny tales they need to run and a long listing of them. Apparently, your real history is marketed and sold to a journal or local paper is another line of work I specialize in.

Unfortunately, there are few points of sale where you can sell poems, but you may find some sites that do.

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