Sell my Book on Kindle

Selling my book about Kindle

Is it really possible to make money selling Kindle books or is it more of a novelty to be an author? I' ve written my memoirs, "How's It Feel, Tough Guy?".


EDIT: This item is presumed to be free (via KU pagereads) for the free KDP selected promotional use. The commentary said you don't get compensated for your free time. I' ve reviewed the KDP agreement and they say: "You will not get any royalties for your digital book during a free Ph.

" However I wonder if this means plain sells donations... and if you get some approval for page reads under KU/KDP selection on free dowloads. Although the reply is "probably not", a huge free ad is getting more exposure and has significantly improved my page readability, so I leave this posting until I have the final evidence in any case.

I' m no stranger to book marketin', so it's going very well. I used to promote KDP and free software because I fought the darkness. If 5,000 download my book for free, even if I lose cash, I thought it would be OK because I needed these early adoptive parents to check my book and improve my rank.

l want 50,000 readers to see my book. However, I have misconstrued a rather important and astonishing characteristic of Kindle Unlimited, namely that you still get your pay for your free time. They will be charged on the basis of KENP - normalised page views. I ran a huge free ad campain last weeks and got a few thousand updates.

At the moment my KENP is about 5,000 page views per days. Keep this up, it's $22 a days or $660 a months. That' more than enough for me for a book, my first book. In theory, I could get 25,000 page views a days, or $3,300 a months. I can still make my textbooks free or inexpensive to thank the reader and to get more new ones.

B ) I don't have to do much in the way of campaigning or sponsorship, other than promoting free bookdays and getting tonnes of Downloads. I could run a BookBub ad and get a thousand sells and make good moneys, or I could run the same ad for a free book, get 10 thousand free dowloads and probably treble the amount of cash and get far more readership.

They do not make the sales value, but you are still earning on the page readings, and you have many more reader. It' s difficult to schedule things like "I'll sell six copies" because it is dependent on price, converting and exposure. However, if you know the number of page views you need to receive per months to help your letter, it is simpler to do the maths.

I get 5000 readings per day right now, if I can support and construct this to 10,000 readings per day per week a month, I would make about $1200 a month. 1200. Number of readers 1 = 200. Readings 50 per diem = 10,000 per diem. So, I need 1500 guys to get to read my book every single week.

It would be really difficult to sell 1500 of your book, even for 99 cents. However, it is not that many of them. There were about 5000 free downlinks during my free time with some sponsorship (but without any of the great ad sites). Of these 5,000, probably 1,500 will be reading all the way.

/But if I run an ad on BookBub or something, I might get 15,000 readership a time period and maybe acquire $12,000 (from FREE product and publication). It is unsustainable, and you would really need a new book every single week to keep it up (which I'm doing anyway).

You can keep the cost low for your exposure, increase your free campaign like mad, get a metric tons of free reader for a high number of pages viewed, and deserve. Plus, KDP gives end of months bonus to writers who are reading LOTS from, so that is additional cash if you can get it.

There is no need to give away a free book anymore, as I have created a large supporting fans' forum and can successfully start a book with only one e-mail. I still use them to get new audiences and reduce opposition. In 90 or less time, go from zero plattform to No. 1 best seller with my book Guerrilla Publishing.

You can now free of charge and get your hands on my new portfolio and the road map for the bookstarter ( (this is sophisticated material you won't find anywhere else).

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