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Locate great deals and sell things directly in your community. It is safe and convenient to buy and sell. Would you like to sell something locally so that your entire profit is not lost through the shipping costs? Now, you can sell almost anything you own locally with one app. For people and businesses, Facebook is an excellent platform to sell locally.

closeme - buy and sell on site

Almostme classifieds application lets you buy and sell material, searches for used material locally and provides good deals on the second manual buying near your area in the simplest way. Buy and sell used goods such as used electronic goods, household devices, furnishings, mobile telephones, home finders, used vehicles etc. from closeme locally on-line purchasing apt.

Posting secondhand articles for purchase is as simple as a self-ie, you just need to take a picture of the item you want to sell and that was it. As soon as you announce ad on Nearme, we will distribute it immediately to and you can be directly connected to the folks next to you by the used material interested customer to make the agreement without worry about paying any commission/brokerage for reselling the used items. What's more, you'll be able to get in touch with the used material directly.

Purchasing used articles on site is very convenient at closeme, just open the application and you will see the used articles that are available for sale on site. Select the item you want to buy and call the seller directly to discuss the best offer for nearm purchase and sale offers. You can also get our closeme Buy and Sell and sell application and begin to sell and buy locally.

Sell and buy locally on the App Store

The 5miles is the highest valued community market place application that helps you buy and sell things in your area. Free, simple and secure, 5miles has enabled more than $1 billion in cash to be sold locally, and has helped 10 million lucky consumers put cash in their pocket and find great value at great prices.

5miles allows you to find large ads in your area, find an apartment, rent locally or get a new employment - all from the convenience of your mobile device. It is FREE to offer products for purchase and FREE to find goods and service locally, all within 5 mile.

Buy for free, make quotes and listing articles and utilities. It' like selling your own garages without the hassles. Locate flats, homes and condominiums for rental or to sell. Landlord, get a quick listing of your property! Get now and find great deals from the popular area. We' ve added some great new functions to enhance the whole of it.

Adding new keywords and filtering makes it easier to find the desired product in each catagory. Explore the review, see lessons and prices, and find bargains in the re-designed Services area.

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