Sell Kindle Books

Selling Kindle Books

Sell books internationally: Optimizing for a better return Obviously, the U.S. is the biggest and most lucrative of all. If there were not overcrowded and not so much work to make progress, what if there were a number of economies?

Now, the good part is that there are many such markets: Global Themarkets! Looking to sell their books on, they are optimizing for the US and forgetting about the other outdoor stores - or simply neglecting them.

But today I will show you how you can optimise your books for the other stores, so that your books arrive better on the international scene and grow in a "smaller pond" instead of trying to be successful in the "ocean" with all the big critters. US and Canada& what are the differences?

Though all 13 Amazon stores are Amazon property, you really must consider them as distinct units - not the same group. As a matter of fact, Amazon made it so that the different marketplaces could make choices that would appeal to their location and the wishes of the area.

Acknowledging that the tastes of people in France were different from those in India, they were just clever at it. That' s why you will see a page of books on the popular German bookshop, which is really different from the same page of bookshop on the United States.

Although your entry to KDP will sell your books in all Amazon shops, they will actually be shipped to 13 different businesses and sell in 13 different outlets. The functions on the selling pages are differently organized - sometimes the descriptions of the books are hidden, sometimes they are displayed with different styles of text and type.

To a certain extent, it felt like using KDP for the 13 stores is like using Smashwords for iBook, Barnes & Nobles and Kobo. A system to file them, but several different stores with variations in the representation of the same information. Wherefore do you want to market books internationally? So if there are all these distinctions, why bother with global books sales?

Big overseas megastores such as Amazon US and UK are like huge seas. You must therefore consider the smaller market, which I call the small pond. From the looks of things, you're probably making a little bit of profit in these stores without doing anything. But are you really making any significant disposals in these market?

Minor stores give you a greater chance to end up in their top 100, and I don't mean the top 100 in any wacky little alcove, as is the case with If you are working towards a smaller or pooled business, you can make serious profits that would otherwise be wasted in the vast US oceans.

No. My Amazon profile's fine. It I sell more than com and . uk together. All of it: I make much more than that because a third of the amount of cash I make comes from Kindle Unlimited, which is not shown in the above image, but the emoluments I get from KU are distributed proportionally between the different areas.

Now, I began to focus on one of the non-US marketplaces. Granted, as an Italians I initially concentrated on the Italians and that wasn't necessarily a decision (it's just that I had an Italien textbook, you know). So I followed the perma-free method of making the first of your sagas permanent and then making the following chapters in golden (2. 99 Euro, that's a great deal in this 0. 99 world).

Of course, I have been studying a great deal and mastering the key words sciences (I would say art) by going to web seminars and taking classes in advertising like everyone else. At the end I succeeded in gaining a dominant position in my own corner of the scene and became one of the most sought-after authors of fantasies in my state.

Since three years my first (Italian) textbook, which is my perma-free link to the trilogy'Dagger - La Luce allea Fine del Mondo', is always among the Top 100 of the Amazon (the free), and always somewhere between the #1 and #6 most downloadable fantasies.

Obviously, the more downloads I get, the more books I sell in the following instalments. Then I had my books converted into English, had them processed by a specialist journalist and used the same Kick-Butt design. Is it because the books were poorly written?

n no. I get really more positiv conclusions on Amazon. com than on that. it (and I still don't see why). No, I don't. The download of Digger 1, which is in England, is much higher than its German counterpart, but Buch 2 still sold better in my home country: on Amazon. it, for every 10-15 downloads of a copy of Dagger as well.

Regardless of the downloads, I'm on the. it's a top 100 (a top weapon!). As an example, my little stand-alone phantasy volume was loaded more than the free phantasy books of my country's largest publisher, Berlusconi himself, our former premier (would that be easy in the US or the UK?).

Throughout the place there were slogans about me; while Googleing I found unfamiliar users who suggested Daggers in forum and facbook groups. In fact, when folks in Italy get Daggers, they'll even be reading it. clients may be so used to reading more books in a single night than they will ever do.

But, if I downloaded a top 100 franchise product (and it's on the top 100 and has good review, I'll probably do it. But on the other side, I would probably be downloading a notebook at number 2500 in the 2500 chart just because it's free, and then I'll never be reading it and leave it under the dark of my machine (I probably have a thousand of them in my lighter, like all of you).

Wherefore work to sell abroad? In fact, the same policies used in the US had not been powerful enough to make a dimple in this huge giants.... but it has worked miracles in the less highly competetive Italy as well. Well, one thing that keeps you from making foreign purchases is the translating proces. Let's face it, a textbook in English is not as good as a textbook in ltalian for the Italians.

However, the good thing is that there are many ways you can have your text translated: BabelCube: BabelCube translates your text into almost any desired languages for a license fee of 15% + whatever your interpreter requires. They publish a vacancy and qualified offer on your work.

To be successful in the world, you don't just have to depend on books that have been written in translation - you should concentrate on the local and overseas booksellers. Both offer the opportunity to gain a foothold on the world stage and at the same time to keep your work in the native tongue. The use of key words is one of the most potent ways to enter a world.

I' m starting to sell on the UK based markets by using another language versions of Dagger with key words in UK. Rather than writing fantastic books, you' re writing fantastic books. The Germans speak plain and frank as well as written and spoken language, and I have to say they are the nicest reader I have ever had.

So why not in other countries? Dave's note: The keyword translations at Amazon are fine. Symedia can also help you to understand and develop an global audience. Expend some of your free computer hours searching hash tags or Facebook groups for your genre/style of the books in a particular state.

You' ll get a feeling for the demands and perhaps also have the opportunity to get in direct contact with some prospective global readership. In our UK business we concentrate all our key words It is a medium way to start from uk searching staff, that is a medium way to sell (a medium way pond.) You know the procedure, I guess: write a text in the searching staff and monitor the results that shows at the top of the top of the combo.

This is the most sought after buzzword, and it certainly is different from the equivalents on the com-arket. Britain is a more straightforward but not that small one. Obviously, this may or may not punish your US markets. Concentrate on the overall number of photocopies you sell or free of charge and then choose.

Don't ignore the other Amazon fairs! E-book stores are expanding all over the globe. There' always will be a place for old things - like books. Reserving your place in the small market, because over the years they will expand like the trees you used to plant in your backyard as a kid (disclaimer - this may not be a metaphorical tree).

I am Walt Popester, obscure phantasy writer and KDP trainer. That' the one I' ve been telling you about all along:

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