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Selling an Item

The sale of an item on our marketplace is simple, safe and secure. Enigmatic items gifted to subscribers appear in the inventory as they are published. You can sell pet inventory on the market if you wish (direct link). Your items are displayed at the bottom of the screen. Only items in your inventory can be sold.

Sell on eBay | Electronics, Fashion, Home & Garden

Having so many purchasers gives you a great opportunity to find someone who can do what you want to sell. The PayPal is a secure and simple way to get your payment. With our portable application, you can browse items and follow your purchases on the go. When your product is sold, we make it easier for customers to buy it.

Pack it, put a tag on it and ship it on its way. Such articles are among our bestsellers. Which is the best way to get the best value for my product? By submitting a firm offer you can choose what you want to make and you can make a fast sales.

It' s the simplest way to take pictures as you would with our app: take pictures from all perspectives and mark anything that makes your article stand out, as well as scrapes or other markings.

Getting my wallet? eBay members can use PayPal to quickly and simply purchase items on eBay. Sending and receiving funds securely and simply without disclosing your banking or payment information. Find out more about PayPal. What should I do if I have already placed an article?

Shopping & Auction Site

So why not come to one of our shops and sell us your undesirable items? We' ll buy most of the valuables, we'll give you a reasonable amount for your goods, and you'll get your currency immediately. Before we can give you real currency for your article, we need to review it.

Click here for a listing of valid ID files. Would you like to know more about the sale of articles?

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