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Selling Ebooks online

Have you written (or want to write) your own eBook and want to sell it on Amazon Kindle? Self publishing has made it easy for authors of novels and non-fiction to sell their eBooks in digital or printed form. Getting a Lots of Moneys to Sell Self-Published Ebooks Online: 9 Tips from a Successful Self Publisher

Editor remark: I made this contribution for the first one in 2012 (August 6) and resolved to revise it almost five years later. I am a self-published writer who has been creating and distributing ebooks online since 2002. After all, I could be a full-time self-publisher as I make enough of my ebooks to help myself.

I only have/administer an S&E authoring firm for the sole purpose of not doing my full-time job. Thats why I typed this posting, because I recieve many e-mails and queries about public services about how to type and sell self-publishing ebooks via fosuccessfully. Whilst there are no "secrets", there are some things I have found working for me that help me make four numbers a months (I want to make five JUST numbers from eBook sales, so hard that I can enjoy it - but it hasn't been!

Below are 9 things I've realized that help me make good ebooks online to sell them. With no further doing, the next is how I make "a great deal of money" online ebooks as well. If you are a frequent user of my blog and web sites, you probably know that I have released 50 ebooks in 2011.

Part of the reason I have been able to release so many ebooks is because I am writing within some of my own niche areas (freelancing, web based advertising, self-publishing, small commercial marketing). 2017 update: This makes it easy to cross-promote and sell more. This is confirmed by my figures. Type what you know:

I' m writing what I know. It makes it endlessly easy to launch and exit an e-Book (the obstacle for many). I have been a freelancer since 1993, worked for a ten year in New York City in the field of advertising publishers, do web and affiliated advertising and own several small companies.

It' just shows what I keep remembering self-employed authors, and that's - you know so much more than the web.

FYI, here is a great pole on how to type ebooks that sell. 14 successfull e-book writers give their opinion. 2017 update: Whilst it' much more convenient for you to do many more things online, what I call "parent" things, such as making and posting e-book content, encoding basics, how to launch and keep a blogs up to date, and so on.

Generate excerpts from your eBook: Last year I released 50 ebooks on Amazon, but I didn't really "write" that many. I' ve made excerpts. Which are excerpts from ebooks? This can be easily "pulled out" from a large e-book and is available as a separate item. E.g. I got five abstracts from the e-book on how to type an e-book in 3 working day, it' s starting to get sells within a weeks - really!

Writing & Publishing Calendar (IW-19A). Selling and starting to get your e-book quickly (IW-19B). Making sure your e-Book sells before you type it (IW-19C). Getting Your e-Book to Sell Quickly (IW-19D). Be quick in writing! Writing Tips from a self-publisher writer of 25+ ebooks (IW-19E).

2017 update: One of my bestsellers, for example, is the how to create a free-lance self employed self employed eEO typing careersbook. I have written a very succesful supplementary book, the SEO-writing example e-book. I' ve also successfully collected other textbooks about scripts I've written about using advanced search engines. In order to make more ebooks you need to type more ebooks.

Giggybacking on tip #3, e-book abstracts go a long way toward help you be a "productive" writer. Well, it's a long way to go. I am typing 2017 update: So the more you type, the more your earnings can rise. While not every stock you create will be a big hit, you'll probably have a few "breakout" stocks that will make up most of your music.

I' ve got three ebooks that make up about 90 per cent of my self-publication earnings. I' m also receiving payment from Amazon, Clickbank and Lulu on a regular basis; this is in supplement to the e-book purchases coming from this site. There are five connections from which I make enough cash to sell my ebooks. The majority of the cashouts I get from Amazon, B&N and Lulu are at the end of the months (see chart below).

So, no mater where I am (and I travels a lot), I can do my online shopping without worries (e.g. pay invoices, make transfers, etc.). Most of this whole publisher thing is, since the ebooks are already being typed, as long as I keep them up to date and pertinent, I can make cash from them for years.

Besides, because I have all the copyrights, I keep all the cash. 2017 update: It' one of the best choices I've ever made because it let me immediately begin posting through many more stores. I only published on four or five outlet sites before I registered with them.

Find out more about the distribution of your eBooks with draft2digit. Receive on a periodic merchandising plan: At all my read on e-book mapping, the council can be upsetting. As you see, some successfull self publisher say, are spending more quality money on typing than they do on advertising. Some say you have to sell to make a sale. As an example, I mostly use " how to, non-fiction ebooks ".

If most people talk about ebooks and self-publication, they talk about clichés. So, if you are a writers, especially in "hot" categories like sci-fi and romanticism, it can be relatively simple to sell a few thousand ebooks with little advertising, especially if you "one audience" who are starting to suggest you and give you a bunch of ratings on websites like Amazon.

However, I recommend all self-publishers to engage in a kind of periodic market plan. The only thing that will make this e-book play attractive is that it will draw more gamers as you go on. So, if you make your own habits of advertising right from the start, you have a much better opportunity to stand up to the rival.

2017 update: Whilst it is important to have a good understanding of the importance of marketing, I have learnt that your next publication is always your best "marketing". But when I release a new one, it always seems to increase the sale of my current work. Find out more about how to market your self-published works in this article. Talking of online advertising, you just need to know about SEO to be efficient these few business meetings.

While you don't have to become an "SEO guru," you must have the basic building block in place to do whatever you do. 2017 update: I' m saying this because I know I learned how to sell online via IEO. I was earning with the few securities I had.

About this site I spend a great deal of free information on material I am typing about in my ebooks, for example, how to launch a free-lance typing career, how to make a living, how to sell ebooks online, how to make a living as an affiliate marketer, aso. It also results in e-book sell. So, before spending their hard-earned cash, in many cases they look for trustworthy suppliers.

There' will always be those who spend on fast-growing systems where they don't take the trouble to find out who the people behind the site are. Repoat selling is what makes a company a success; self-publishing is no different. This will give you a web site and allow you to interact. I' m updating my blogs (this page) once a week.

A further advantage of having your own website is that you can sell your ebooks from it. Like I explained here, my website is the place where most of my sale comes from - so it's important to have your own website! In order to see what I mean, see my e-book publication error history.

2017 update: Do you see how you can begin to make really good cash - only from your subscription? It is how many self-published writers sell thousand of prints and make good living without being a big name like Stephen King or James Patterson. To get 50 songs on Amazon was my primary target in 2011.

When I wrote these ebooks, I thought: Man, my e-book sell-things are really gonna blow up. In all honesty, selling via Amazon hasn't been nearly what I was expecting them to be (I still sell the bulk of my ebooks from my primarysite (these)). But the more outlet stores I can post, the more cash I make.

But I know I'd be sorry, so I drag myself along - blog, publish newsletter, interact on online podcasts, and so on. Some years ago it was one of my aims to change to a purely leading position at my own scribing firm ( Some of the things I knew would allow me to do this, is to enhance what I made from the sale of my ebooks.

These days, even if my best-selling agency never found another customer, I'd be okay. Though it is probably going to take me longer to reach the monetary landmark I have been setting for myself as to as e-book sells, I remember sticking with it - even if stride is so slow that a slug like the street seems to run!

2017 update: I had $3,200 in my best month - most of it came from Amazon selling, as I explained in the chapter "Linked-to-Book". I' m still a nonfiction writer, how-to e-book writer and updating old tracks - although most of the times I spend typing these day are used on my literature just because they don't have to be upgraded like nonfiction.

Does Making Moneyelling Ebooks Online For You? Earning ebooks online is not a get-rich-quick arrangement. Ultimate self-publishing package: 4 ebooks. But, if you are the anti-thesis of this, IE, brave, hard-working and self-motivated, you can make a great deal of the money that ebooks sells online (I'm evidence of this) - if you don't forgotten that last component - esoteric.

Are you sharing your e-book sales advice and questions? Do you have any e-book sales spikes you can divide? Do you have a qestion about how to make profit sale of eBooks online? P.S.: Seriously with the beginning of a self-publishing career? Find out why and how to do it.

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