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Selling Ebooks

Any author wants to know how to sell ebooks. It' the easiest way to sell eBooks! You can sell any kind of eBook format:

Are you selling ebooks: These are 11 sections from our Wall Street Journal bestseller

If an e-book is your first or fifth one, the sale of an e-book can be a profitable and efficient way to further your buisness and cemented as a standing in your alcove. However, it is not enough to just create a high-quality e-book. To be saleable from start to finish, you have to design your e-book specifically.

Otherwise, you run the danger of your e-book becoming hidden. When your e-book is on "how to loose weight", how will your average through the hustle and bustle of 4,000 results, huh? So, in this paper, we will go about the most discerning items to think, budget and perform on about to help make sure your e-book is sold and avoid drooling in the e-book being purged.

Just like the validation of a commercial concept, you need to validation your e-book concept. By skipping this and just "walking with your guts ", you can't be sure that your e-book will actually be selling and you could end up spending your money and your energies on the street. Start by going to the Amazon Kindle Shop.

This may sound counter-intuitive, but you want to verify that e-books similar to your ideas are there. First, select at least five bestsellers or remarkable e-books that are similar to your ideas. And for each you want to look at the ebook's sale ranking and its monthly turnover rates (more on how to do that briefly).

It is your aim to find out whether your niche market and ideas are lucrative and be able to appreciate how much similar e-books make in sells per days. Doing so will give you the trust you are going to sell e-books. Please consider the cost of the e-book. Browse down to "Product Details" on the Amazon site and view the Amazon Best Sellers Rank or ABSR (see image below).

This is also only a coarse estimation, but it is clear that folks are purchasing this work.

Based on the above example of "intermittent fasting" we have used some of the keywords ( "intermittent fasting", "intermittent woman fasting" and "fasting for losing weight") from Google Planner, integrated them into Google Trend and reviewed the global trend of the last 12 month in the Beauty & Fitness area.

"Intermitting fasting" (blue) and "fasting for losing weight" (yellow) show great potentials. There is definitely interest in Intermmittent Lenting in general, but humans seem most interested in using it specifically for diet. OK, so your ideas look quite lucrative, but not so quick that you want to stand out from the crowd.

To give your readership something new and precious, go through the most beloved consumer review of your Amazon booth, complete with the most in-depth one, two and three stars review, to get an idea of what people liked, disliked or wish the review was about. Let's say you write an email about losing people.

While scrubbing through Amazon critiques and submissions, you will no doubt come across common topics and frequently asked question. If you' re looking for a write utility to help you organise your books, Scrivener (not for free), Google Docs, Microsoft OneNote and Evernote are all great for you. To have more focused, handy egobook track submission tips, Google searching to find out what they are looking for.

Once you have the money, you can run Google Adwords (here is an old but still useful tutorial on how to do it) or Facebook Ads (and another tutorial here) to match one track against another against genuine people. In this way you are able to assess a demographic that has no clue who you are and have only the titles of the e-book.

Bear in mind that this is not unique dates that make folks totally adore your e-book track, but it is just another datapoint that will help you make a decision. For example, when we developed the cover of our e-book, we came up with a whole range of options and the staff gave them input.

In the end, we wanted to make sure that the viewer feels as if it was possible and challenging to build an on-line store when looking at the game. The most succinct way to put it is with this: In a Box: Frequent users of a certain category have certain requirements for covers and colours. Remember the machine on which the user would see your work.

When readers surf on their mobile phones, will the covers and the overall artwork appear? Overall, your coverage should grasp your e-book concept in a subtle way and have a clear focal point. Here is an example of our e-book cover: So we concentrated on light colours and a fascinating picture that captured the heart of our game.

If it comes to actually creating your own covers, you could do it yourself with Canva or find someone on Fiverr who makes it for you. However, remember: a good qualitiy email coverage will help your email stick out. In other words, consider jumping to ninety-nine designs, Upwork or AuthorSupport to find an expert and seasoned covers artist who can do it right.

We' ve released our best-selling volume on Amazon with the aim of becoming number one (we made it to sixth place). Though Amazon is the biggest online shop (2015 numbers say 65% of the US online market), it is not the only one. Apples is a remote second behind Amazon and accounts for about 10-12% of US e-mail Sales.

Though many of its bricks and mortars stores have shut down, Nook Press still makes 7-8% of all US e-book sales. This is where you have options: place your e-book in each merchant yourself, go through an e-book distribution company like Draft2Digital, CreateSpace, or Smashwords to help you post in other merchants, or a mix of both.

and you have less clout about things like price calculation. You can, for example, select direct with Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (which also includes a percentage), and then use an e-book distribution like Smashwords to contact other indies.

One of the advantages of working with a large e-book distribution list is that they will help you grasp the remainder of the smaller stores and expand your coverage. We' re publishing our e-book on Amazon KDP, but also with Smashwords to share with more merchants, which has contributed to our eligibility for bestseller recognition (you can learn more about how it works here).

Gives them the feeling they would miss it if they didn't read your text. Here is a look at how we broken down our notebook description: In order to append this additional dosage of authority and discontinue us apart from other e-books that claim to help readers do the same, we followed our ebook's pledges with testimonials from fortunate buyers or remarkable folks (aka salvage), as such:

A well-thought-out eBooks' popularity depends on a well thought-out email campaign that takes into account pre-orders and the formal release. This is because by co-ordinating as many and as many buyers as possible, you raise the probability that it will shoot up the chart on Amazon and other bestseller listings (reference for how bestseller listings work), thereby raising the exposure of your books (and business).

Doing so would allow new readers to find us buying the notebook and following the contents that would ultimately result in them signing (hopefully) to our mailing. That was mostly behind the scenes job to be prepared for the pre-order campain, which was made up of scheduling a batch of e-mails to our e-mail subscribers, with the aims of getting them excited about the forthcoming message and nourishing early adoptive parents who in turn could help sponsor the textbook and writing good reviews the down.

Throughout this four weeks we wanted to create a stir around the floating e-book, get as many pre-orders as possible and get readers prepared to review. Start of sales: âThis is the case when the e-book is out in the state and group can get their pre-ordered writing or buy their writing directly.

We had already created an audiences that helped us advertise our e-book. So I just finished writing an e-book about setting up a company. We beat #1 in Amazon articles, and we were selling over ### pre-order prints in four working day. Hello [NAME], I have an item that I wanted to share with you.

I' ve just released a new electronic shop creation guide. Thrown ### in the Amazon ordering within a days walking on pre-order, and we have already been selling ###. Do you want to publish the volume on Here are a few articles post suggestions on the basis of the book:

We' ll provide a hyperlink to every item you write in the textbook in an e-mail to our mailing address below. Authors of "The Coaching Habit", Michael Bungay Stanier (who has written this astonishing contribution to the sale of over 180,000 of his own books, by the way), provide these practical pitchering models and prepare podcasting quizzes.

When this seems like aot of work it is, but it is valuable and will help selling your notebook. The most self-released e-books are selling between $0. 99 and up to $4. 99, and dealers usually take a percentage cf. those sells (here is Amazon's toll scheme as an example). The strategic price structuring of your books will also help you with more purchases for the reason that we will be discussing in a moment.

Argumentation here is to initiate so many sells within a brief timeframe to drive your product to the top of the top of the selling-chart in its classes or to let the algorithm suggest your product to more buyers (and thus potentially get more sales). Usually, if you were writing an astonishing notebook, you would be able to overdeliver on the qualtity of the comp.

And, if it surpasses the expectation of folks enough, they would tell more of their buddies about your e-book and put it up substantially to follow. Later we increased it to $2. 99 after the first few weeks of selling. Of course, our blessing was our large current public of e-mail recipients and fans of online marketing who were able to buy our e-book at this low cost and help us take it to the top of the Amazon chart .

At the end of the day, 37% of our turnover came from verbal propaganda and bio-promotions via Amazon proprietary algorithm. In addition, the right pricing could make those who have never even seen you print it on your iBook. Number of ratings and aggregate ratings of stars are more important than you think.

They are a kind of evidence or disguised signs that tell buyers something about the ebooks qualtity, and can help influence folks on the perimeter and charge sells. Don't let the client know what to do: just followed him and ask him directly if he would be leaving a good feedback if he would enjoy the work.

This is a real-life feedback from us, asking folks to post a feedback if they like our work. This enabled the student to communicate with each other and with our director Ramit Sethi, the writer of the textbook, which enabled us to receive more than 80 Amazon testimonials on the first business days. If it comes to the sale of e-books, the final objective is simple: to get your books into the hand of as many and as many as possible.

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