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Self-publication free of charge

Receive your free guide to publishing with advice, tips and tricks from industry experts. Helpful information about self-publishing and print on demand book ordering for authors. Please fill in our form to request a free quote. Create your Author Central profiles for the US, UK and all other Amazon stores. The ISSNs are issued free of charge by the ISSN UK Centre.

Publish your books with WRITERSWORLD, the UK publisher of print-on-demand books.

When you are considering publishing a work as an incumbent British print-on-demand publisher, we believe we offer the best self-publishing services and are also included in the prestigious Writers' & Artists' Yearbook. To the careless, the self-publishing sector is a mine field with all kinds of unpleasant practice, we can respectably suggest that, even if you do not plan to be released with WRITERSWORLD, you should just copy out our self-publishing leader and have a good reading so you know what to look out for that can spare you a great deal of suffering all along the line.

Click here to view our Self-Publishing Guide online.

A self-publication intro - YPS Publishing

So you want to write your own work? Your suggestion may have been denied by the publishing houses. York Publishing Services (YPS) can help. Your manuscripts can be transformed into works of the same standards and of the same qualities as those produced by renowned publishing houses. Many years of working with and for major publishing houses, we pass on our expertise and our experiences in the creation of your work.

Your individual hardcover will be designed and published in an optimal size, using suitable papers and material. You' re the editor and you own all the printings. We' ll make your work to the same standards and of the same qualities as our major publishing houses. We' ve made a free release, A Guide to Self Publishing.

It contains all the information you need for self-publication.

About YPS Publishing - Distribution of your books

Wherefore directly sale? It is likely that your textbook has already attracted a lot of interest and excitement from your loved ones - the next thing is to resell it to the outside world. The promotion of your books requires a lot of effort and encouragement, which will hopefully lead to commissions. As soon as they hear about your books, they need to be able to buy them quickly and simply.

For almost twenty years, YPS has been an incumbent publisher of books, managing the list of many leading publishing houses. Bookstores, especially large bookselling groups, are hesitant to work with small publishing houses. You do not order directly, but from a wholesaler. We work with and deliver to UK bookstores (including Waterstone√Ęs), distributors, galleries and librarians on a daily basis.

Wherefore directly sale? Go directly, on-line, with theYPD shop open 24/7! Your books can be displayed in our on-line bookstore, where they can be ordered on-line. We' ll take charge of all the red tape and the entire logistics. When you have a website, you can directly connect to your bookstore entry to use YPDbooks' basket and fulfillment services.

On-line bookstore allows your clients to buy their literature directly from YPS at any hour of the morning or evening. Since you have an ICSBN, you will get a listing on Amazon by default. However, this does not mean that Amazon will keep the stock of your work. YPS has an Amazon Marketplace bookstore and is quoted as an alternate vendor with a delivery period of 2 working nights.

Amazons will forward the order to us. At YPS we store your books in our York store; we can take orders by post, e-mail, facsimile or telephone, then quickly handle and deliver them. By the end of each following months we will be sending you the proceeds of the sale.

The shipping costs for orders placed on-line are borne by the customer. In addition to our off-the-shelf service for distributing books, YPS also offers the sale of e-books. YPS Publishing will do everything it can to create revenue for your books. While happiness and a good, well-produced textbook certainly have a role to play, advertising and advertising are also indispensable.

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