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Self-publishing uk

Making it easy for authors to publish great books themselves. A team of specialists will accompany you through your self-publishing project, give you recommendations and work with you. This is Darren Hardy, head of Amazon's UK self-publisher. Learn how to get published, including getting started help, frahlings, self-publishing, vanity publishing, and more. We' re an independent British self-publisher and we're passionate about helping authors reach their potential.

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Helping authors to publicize their work, we offer a pleasant and useful experience at reasonable rates. Our seasoned editors work with you to create a professionally produced product that can be enjoyed by audiences around the globe. For more information about our easy publishing procedures, please click on the following file types.

Softcover and Kindle (ebook) formats: We' ll size your pocket books in the default way. You' ll receive the first designs in Word by e-mail so you can make changes if necessary. That'?s what the album will look like when it?s published. In addition, you will receive three recommended selling rates for your pocket books and a recommended price for the Kindle edition by e-mail.

We will e-mail you the latest Word versions of your manuscripts if changes are made. Kindle e-book should be published on Amazon within 24 hrs, and the pocket book will usually be published there within about 4 wards. Kinddle (Ebook) publication only: We' ll reformat your e-book according to the default formatting styles.

You' ll receive the first designs in Word by e-mail so you can make changes if necessary. Select a sales rate based on the information we make available to you. If you are happy with the design of your textbook and select a selling rate, we will post it on Amazon.

You should have your textbook there within 24h. You' re up for release? PublishingNation was excellent in the way they were helping me to release my own work.

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It is an cutting-edge asset that puts you in contact with the self-publishing vendors who provide the service you need to support your novel advancement towards publishing. Simply ask a few easy question about your work, choose up to five suppliers and we'll do the work! The numbers in our results chart are exclusively dependent on the performance of the vendors and how they best fit your work.

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