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Self-publishing stories

Self-publishing story My own man came home, he was reading it, and - for the first ever since I met him - he burst into tears. What do you mean? I was persuaded by his answer that others might be touched by my history and I tried to publish it. Since I knew nothing about the publishing business, I naive thought I would just mail my stories to a publishing company, and a few months or two later I saw my books sit on a bookshelf next to Picoult and Proulx.

I' ve learnt that I have to find a wife first. It was only then that I could have hoped for a bargain with a publishing house, and even then it would take a year or more for my work to be out. Thought if I had a genuine work to hand out, I might be able to bypass the publishing industry's old-fashioned doorman and get it into the hands of genuine writers.

However, the sooner the book case came, I was crushed when I saw a series of small, dirty little lettering inscriptions. So we declared that we would all give our emoluments to the British Legion, and some charity bookstores at least agree to try and try the work.

Then, the Armed Forces chaplain's offices suggested it to the Armed Forces booking offices, and all of a sudden we were sold out. I hadn' t thought of him until an unidentified number came up on my cell phone.

The celebrity wife called to say that she not only wanted to stand in for me, but already had a publishing company in the forefront. The Head of Zeus was a new shop that wanted to do things a little differently. You wanted to include me in the publishing house's decision and even consented to keep giving the profits of the books to charities.

With a brandnew front page, a professional finished script and bookstore orders of 10,000 books, Head of Zeus launches a new issue of Poppy Day. You can find it in a bookstore with Picoult and Proulx on the shelves. Their forthcoming duo Anna: One Love, Two Stories and Theo: One Love, Two Stories will be released in April 2018 by Head of Zeus in the USA.

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