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As well as the tens of thousands of traditionally published reviews published each year by Publishers Weekly, there are also reviews of self-published books! While I was researching self-publishing, I kept the idea to myself. Do you see self-publishing as a way to something else? Self publishing opens up a world of possibilities for authors, but it takes know-how to make it right. These are some advantages and disadvantages of self-publishing.

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Quick reversal and asterisking of your review for Amazon, GoodReads, Web sites, blourbs, etc. For over a dozen years, our highly qualified staff has been auditing accounts. This site has been endorsed by The Guardian, The New York Times, Writer's Digest and Publisher's Weekly and offers self-published and freelance writing/press work.

Select from 3 review packages: Can you tell me how many people will see my review? The review will be available approximately 30 working day after receipt of your order or 14 working day for Jump Start Reviews. You' ll be asked if you want to post your review only with Classic and Lead Story Reviews.

The Jump Starts are released now. The reason for this is that jump starts are usually short and therefore focus on the positive aspects of the discussed work. You can use this practical workday computer to see when your review is finished, or take a look at the bookings calender. If you are depositing a work, after paying with PayPal you will be asked to enter information where you can also make payments with a bank or debt collection account.

So if you would rather buy an audit on account directly, or if you have any problems making a sale with our website, please feel free to do so.

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Today, together with his spouse, the UK journalist and on-line marketer Cate Baum, it is a privately owned company headquartered in the UK. SPR is still one of the best on-line sources for self-published writers with a committed team of professionals from the US and UK.

As a BookBaby partner and member of the NBCC (National Reserve Critics Circle). Released at the age of 19 in the traditional languages of France and England, his second novel was transformed into a shortfilm by the celebrated Hollywood filmmaker Ruben Fleischer. He' s a seasoned on-line author and has authored for several books, such as Purple Prose, 3AM, Les Episodes and Hustler, has been presented in LA Weekly and The New York Times and has won several independent accolades for his work.

Occasionally, he checks Pro Partner accounts on demand and occasionally posts for the website. has a BA Hons in Information Technology and Design from Guildhall University in London, a Postgraduate in Screenplay from UCLA and a Masters in Literature, Writing Novels from City University London. Ms. Henning has worked at Cambridge University Press, where she led engineering publishing lifecycles for publishing from design to release, and at Oberon Boks, London, a specialized publishing house, where she got insights into the trade publishing Gatekeeping processes.

In addition, she worked as an editorial journalist for the men's life style journal BluePoint, where she learnt galley, proofing, PDF production, print and proofing techniques in high-volume publicat. To date, she has published over 80 works for independent writers, two of which have received the Independent Excellence Award. In addition, she has worked as a SEO and Algorithm Analytics Sr. Manager at a Google own London-based firm that works with global blue-chip brand names and has been educated in all facets of multimillion USD account branding on the highest industrial standards.

Each reviewer has a university qualification as a basic qualification and speaks English as a mother tongue. They are all professionals and many have written and written themselves. Before we hire them, we test all of them. Chief appraisers are John Staughton, Naka Jackson, Grace Eliot and Josh Machado Halcro. Supporting diversification and disaster resilience and allowing peer-reviewed professionals to work in remote locations in the UK and the US.

Our committed team of freelancers in the UK, Europe and the US produce all our bestselling and add-on client coverage of our books, designs and editorials every day. SPR does not employ any team of off-shore agencies, and all employees are experienced professionals in their fields who work directly with Cate.

Fees for an unbiased review start at $129. Review will be sent back within 30 working day. You can also publish your review on Amazon (Editorial Review section) and various other online communities in your authors section (see FAQ for details). You can also post them on the expert's own blogs.

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