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Self-publication resources

The authors we work with are the only publishers of their books. I' ve compiled the best and most helpful articles from other authorities in the niche of self-publishing. This is a collection of self-publication resources. Up-and-coming authors have many opportunities to publish their work independently. These are some useful resources for authors thinking about self-publishing: Analyst Jane Friedman: "Start Here:

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Following is a list of sources on the subject of self-publishing. Leverage these resources to better understand the materials. The SPAN Premium for SPAN Professionals --? Self Publishing Manual, Vol. 2: How to World, Print and Send Your Own Book by Dan Poynter; Para Publishing (2009) - Explains how to use new technologies to speed up writing, release new technologies for less money and promote your company in online advertising.

When you have other good resources to start and run a self-publishing operation, let us know. By clicking a link, you can use Twitter, Facebook, e-mail or other social networking sites to mark or distribute this page:

Up to 10+ resources for self-publishing indie authors

Author often ask us about our preferred self-publication resources and information resources for them. In the course of the years we have collected some favourites and found some new ones during our research. Here is our resources for independent composers. Tell us your favourites and we will include them in the listing.

publication resources

If you are a freelance author, part-time freelance author or freelance independent scholar, here is your opportunity to take part in the first self-published comp... only for self-published work. Writers' Digest organizes an annual contest, the annually self-published book awards. Cosponsored by Book Marketing Works, LLC, this contest highlights today's self-published works and honours self-published writers.

IndieReader's yearly Discovery Awards (IRDAs) - where undetected talents meet those who can make a real impact. What makes the IrDAs so special is their exceptional jury, which includes top agencies, conventional editors, PR professionals, blogs and critics - a who' s who of some of the most important editors of today.

There are a number of contests, from ongoing to ongoing to ongoing, as well as ongoing to semiannual contests for a wide array of different categories and type of books.

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