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These reviews reflect the opinion of the Watchdog Desk. Where are the self-publishers at Amazon? Self Publishing Services Watchdog Archive In any publishing relationships, there should be a direction of the writer. An on-line claim is not for ventilation, but for modification. Find out how you can turn vain chatter into a mighty instrument to achieve results.

The criminal tends to resort to a trustworthy behaviour patterns to mitigate the suspicions.

Do you want to be sure you're not being cheated by a company you want to use as part of your independent car deal? Independent writers are attacked by delinquents who pose as such on-line and then claim emoluments for their work. Find out how to identify and stop counterfeit copies. Is it possible for independent writers to defend themselves against plagiarisms?

Find out how and when you can fight counterfeiting.

Amazons Book Review Politiques sind Self Publishers killers

A Amazon appraisal can't be announce for people e-books? If you miss this very calm but extreme evil modification of Amazon's policies, and are still giving free Kindle e-books in the hopes of winning new ratings, then just overlook it. When you take a quick look at Amazon's Customer Review Creation Guidelines below, you'll see why you're going to waste your free Kindle e-books.

That' s characteristic of Amazon, which, as always, fails pathetically because of lack of clarity. I WANT TO RATE. WHO CAN DO IT? Yes, all the free e-books you gave away to attract an Amazon feedback were for nowhere. These new policies come at their other changing policies in relation to Amazon coverages, which essentially prohibited ratings not only from families and boyfriends, but also from writers or contact society members.

We can only conclude that Amazon is tired of self-publishing and is now taking drastic steps to reduce the prospects of self-publishing. Can I say that from my previous twelve month that I have been denied by many folks on online dating sites who have tried an Amazon reviews for my work.

Cause Amazon said we had a'personal' link. Also in recent month, my new ratings have focused on a runlet, because of the prohibition of free Kindle receiver e-books. Therefore, they are not able to publish Amazon review books. Since I have published e-books, free e-books have been my primary resource of resumes, especially from blogs.

So, where are the self-publishers now at Amazon? It is obvious that the advantages of exclusiveness for Amazon by the entry to KDP Select are no longer very large. The only advantage is that you can buy Amazon advertising. I can only say that Amazon has been truly great in the development and support of self-publishing over the years.

Unfortunately, however, it seems that all their benevolence has run dry, and the self-publishers are now being driven away by Amazon. Amazon has always used self-publishing as a guide to losses, so it should come as no great deal of surprise that it has used (abused?) self-publishing for its own needs and now believes that it is no longer necessary to assist self-published author.

Removing the free Kindle Reader's capability to position an Amazon books review is clearly the latest sign from Amazon that they are drastically diminishing their publicity for auto-publisher. Temporary 00 to check them. Notice: Another assassin to free Kindle email ratings. A new $50 criterion was added to Amazon to allow Amazon to rate customers.

In order to submit customer reviews or responses, Spark or other contributor, you must have issued at least $50 at with a current chargeable or debitable to you.

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