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The decision to self-publish is an exhilarating one, albeit occasionally discouraging. We have clients ranging from specialist publishers and academic publishers to authors who finance their works themselves. For self-published authors we are specialists in book printing. Self publishers for Victoria BC & beyond; also lists for print-on-demand, self-publishers for children & teenagers, links to ebook & hybrid publishing.

In addition to state-of-the-art letterpress and binding technology, we also offer comprehensive services in the areas of page layout and cover design.

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One of Hertfordshire's longest standing printing plants, we provide a personalised and highly reliable printing experience with a focus on client satifaction. Specialized in all types of printing and publishing, see below some of the products and solutions we offer: Publishing my book'The Inner Journey:

It was my first excursion into the publishing industry. Are you looking for a printer, please contact us here, we can help you with all questions concerning letterpress printing and advise you during the entire process.

Selbstverlag eines Buches | Our 8 top hints for writers

If you can choose for whom your textbook is intended, you should make a decision right from the start. Adhere to high quality materials for the preparation and display of your work. If you are a publishing house, the design, look and feel of the text should mirror the quality of your company. If you are looking for a broad market place for your books, research is essential.

It may be that you want to verify early on whether a specific website UL is available to you in your publisher's name or author's name. It will also help you determine a selling point for your books and a unique and unmistakable brand. Allows you to create a promotional program to bring your books to life.

Use caution when valuing the sales prices for your books. They should try to keep the selling prices frozen for as long as possible. Please ask us about the possibilities of printing and the possibilities we can provide. Eventually you will probably have to modify parts of your textbook and your plan to respond to unexpected events.

Attempt to track who buys or uses your product and why. So how did they find out about the ledger?

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