Self Publishing Packages

Self-Publication Packages

You can choose between the Standard Package, the Advanced Package, the Premier Package and the Bookseller Package. Every package contains four common elements - publication, typographic layout, global distribution and personal support - and each package guarantees the publication of the book. Every package guarantees individual authoring support for every step of self-publication. Let's start by choosing one of our self-publishing packages. Self-publication packages include paperback publications, e-book publications, children's book publications and much more.

The New Generation Independent Self Book Publishers - Book Publishing Packages

You can choose between the Standard Pack, the Advanced Pack, the Premier Pack and the Bookseller Pack. Every publishing kit contains four shared items - publishing, typographic design, worldwide circulation and individual attention - and each kit guarantees the publishing of the work. They will be released! The Self-Publishing of Your Books with New Generation? To ensure the author's contentment, we are sending him online reviews so that he can see what the work will look like after pub.

We will not continue with the release until we have received a letter from the writer confirming that he is fully happy with the typographic lay-out and artwork of the album. We want to make sure that when an editor releases a New Generation work, he has as much complete mastery as possible over all aspects of the publishing lib.

As we also know, every writer has different layers of comprehension when it comes to publishing a work. Drawing on a story of the experiences of publishing tradition, this has allowed us to build packages that compete with these publishers, as it is difficult and difficult to get a large publishing contract, and we have collected the most important points that have worked for the publishing tradition and made them into our self-publishing packages.

We' ve been spending our own hours optimizing the variety of our service from proofreading, graphics creation and newsletters, to advertising, promotional and other. An amateur author who wants to publish an occasion, a friend and loved one account of their lives can ask much less than someone who wants to write for a livin' and really scream about his work.

We have summarized the main features you need depending on your budgets in the following packages, or you can also choose the most appropriate priceclass for your projects or your new best-seller.

After your release, you will profit from free of charge support in your advertising. This is a real return delivery option for books. There is an e-book rental available in all British galleries. With our e-book publishing services you can make your work available in e-book formats. We guarantee publishing and worldwide sales.

New Generation Advanced Self Publishing Packages offer everything the standard pack contains, as well as some custom, promotional, and hardcover editions. New Generation Premier Self Publishing Packages offer everything the Advanced Packages contains and increase the focus on sales and promotions, while the extra Press Release Packages, Marketingfragebogen and Marketingkit offer you a great opportunity to launch your own brand.

This New Generation Self Publishing Pack provides everything the New Generation Self Publishing Pack contains and combines our Premier Marking and Promotion Service into a single bundle. With our unparalleled bookselling service, your books are actually in the hand of an expert third-party publisher, a first in the self-publishing world.

We' re often asked by writers to create custom packages according to their needs and demands, and it has become clear that we will help you create a solution that meets your needs. To save you the effort of customizing your publishing suite, our bestseller offer will cover the basics and give you the assurance that every part of your presentation is done.

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