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It is not a contribution against self-publication. Are you registered for ALLi's online self-publishing consulting service? The first winner of the online retailer's DIY Publishing Prize is Hunters by David Leadbeater. Being a self-published author, you control your sales and we support you with a high-quality product and an online fulfillment system. Explore the pages that allow you to publish a new book yourself and make money selling it.

7 Best Free Online Tools for Self-Publishing Authors

There are 7 of the best free utilities and self-publishing applications here to help with your books publication and sponsorship. I use the following seven free pen and ink utilities almost daily. So we need to type, formate, design, post, advertise, sell, blogs and then find free space to get in touch with our readership.

Hopefully these free gadgets will help you spend less of your own free hours and more of your own free hours doing what you do best. Write a script. The seven best and most useful self-publishing online publishing utilities. Calibre: Without a shadow of a doubt, Calibre is the number one resource every independent writer must have. I does everything you need to do when it comes to creating and conversion of Microsoft Word e-books to wobi and epoxy e-books.

It' also an electronic readers, electronic libraries and can synchronize with electronic readers. Suggest Tool: Identifying seven high-impact key words that can be used by Amazon and other books and eBooks merchants is tedious and time-consuming. Whilst this free online utility is Google, it has a knack up its sleeve. That' s it.

Don't buy costly tools to get Amazon's searching information. It' by far the best and most favourite online vocabulary and spellchecker. However, I switched to the commercial one some time ago and couldn't be luckier with it. Pictures are important to attract people' s interest.

However, you should use unambiguous pictures and never copy or down-load pictures from Google Picture Search. Professional-looking Facebook header artwork, corporate design, logo artwork, e-book cover, visiting card and tweets to name a few. There' s a pay per click feature, but the free edition contains more than enough free pictures, graphs, icons, forms and wallpapers for almost every picture scheme you can name.

It is a free of charge Mac and Linux user-interface. The BookCore provides a high-performance online publishing solution to track and track self-published books. GIMP: Working with pictures is now a routine job for writers. It will be a study graph for those new to imaging, but no more than for Photoshop or other imaging applications.

There is also Seashore for Mac user, which I also use from case to case for cover books. Childle Create is one of the indispensable self-publishing applications for all writers. This has all the necessary tool to create perfectly formatted e-books for Kindle. It' very simple to master, so you'll be up and ready to go in no time.

There' are many more free apps and online authoring resources, and apart from my favorites above, I use a few more to help me now. Sure, not everything is free these days, and if I am sure that a utility, program or online services is really something that' s going to be paid for, I will do it.

But most of the online utilities and apps that a self-publishing writer needs to use every single working-day are available for free. You' re a writer? Read our free write authoring articles.

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