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Self-publication on demand

An introduction to Lightning Source and its role in print on demand and self-publishing. Aaron Shepard article drawn from his book'POD for Profit: Self-publishing has never been easier! Free-of-charge manuscript analysis, print on demand, Kindle conversions and much more. Is Print-on-Demand (POD) and self-publication the same?

Does Print On Demand Publishing Like Self-Publishing? - self-publishing | self-publishing

A self-publication technique for a printed work. Printed on demand has a lot in common with conventional self-publishing, such as the ability to manage the creativity and keep all copyrights to your work. Simultaneously, there are some important distinctions in terms of the benefits for writers who consider the classic self-publishing approach.

You have the last word on the contents of your textbook and keep all copyrights, so our print-on-demand approach is very similar to self-publication. As with traditional printing houses that produce their own publications, we will release almost every single product, as it looks professionally and follows sensible rules regarding page sizes, page borders and so on.

In contrast to self-publishing, you do not have to agree to order an edition of several thousand copies at a price of several thousand US dollar and then take care of the current costs of order processing yourself. Invoice is added to our print system, a one-of-a-kind artwork if you need an ISBN for your product, a bar code, a printed copy of a copy for your review, your admission to our on-line bookshop and other favorite stores such as,, and more.

On a reusable base, your books will be made available to bookshops at a 40% rebate. They possess all right at your work and can terminate at any likelihood. In the case of conventional self-publishing, you would have to take all these precautions yourself, which would take a lot of ado. And our print-on-demand process is also quicker than using a conventional printing machine.

Most orders can be printed and shipped within 24-48 h!

Books (self-published) - Print on Demand

A lot of us would like to see what we have in writing in paper form. Only very few future writers find a publishing house for what they have published. It is often called" a publication of vanity," but there is nothing in vain about your work being beautifully imprinted and hardcovered and placed on your friends' or family's bookcases.

This is a vision that can be realized with the help of our software on-demand.

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