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Stay up to date with all the news that authors and writers need to know. The authors of Outskirts Press impress the jury at the annual CIPA EVVY Awards time and again. Industry Scams are evolving for the self-publishing age.

Publications in general

It can be amazing to see the amount of information that comes out of the web every single month - especially if you live in the ever changing self-publishing age. In order to simplify your study (and avoid long surfing for hours), we have compiled a summary for you.

And if you know of any great journalistic summaries, let us know in the commentaries below, and we could find a place for it on this page! For a long time, Joel Friedlander's site has been a paradise for designers like us. There is also an award-winning week-long raid of blogs with advice on how to write, publish and - of course - create books.

In search of a dash of new books at the morning meal? In his Morning Coffee Round-up, Nate Hoffelder provides an artisanal mix of ties for the reader and publishing enthusiast who can't afford to sit around a whole weeks waiting to publish their news. IndieReader is clearly focused on the'demand side' of publishing, providing succinct abstracts of top publishing histories from major markets such as the Washington Post to small, unannounced blogging.

This is the publication of your choise for the publishing world! Quill & Quire are publishing several weekly summaries of their worldwide publishing histories and occasionally link to writers from the Great White North. Publisher Chantel Hamilton visited the beloved blogger site Medium to post her Sunday summary.

In addition to publishing news and opinions, it contains tools that can help authors adding an additional layer to their work. Because of the host's voracious appetites for fairy tales, The Hoard is also home to a fabulous collection of link collections every week. Particularly valuable are her curated'Literary Losses' (obituaries) and news about novel filming.

Called "hot news for independent and self-pub authors," this Alliance of Independent Author's compilation focuses on delivering the most important weekly news that are important to their communities. These articles also keep their reader informed about forthcoming meetings and books. The regular addition to the constantly expanding "knowledge database with over 5,000 pages of free information" means you can rely on the Writers Service website's storylinks section.

It is a write-link rundup with a distinction! Elizabeth Craig's page contains quick and easy to read tweets, which makes her ideal for loading your buffer or hootsuite timetable on those dates when you can't find anything good to part. Tor Tors Everyday Rounddup not only sheds light on news writer and publisher, but also features funny and intriguing essays from the realm of geeksharing.

Mainly devoted to the review of romantic books, Dear Authors provides users with periodic news about funny essays and published story. In spite of their special ty, their news magazines are noticeably complete and almost always of interest. There' are few better champ for Indie-Sci-Fi andantasy than Cora Buhlert from IndieSpecFic. Their Speculative Fiction Links of the Weeks are ideal for reading reports on nostalgia, general writings, views on the popular art of the weeks and forthcoming con(vention) notices.

Compiled by an author named Jamieuddenly, Writer's Weekend Resources is a good mix of a private diary, news review and recommended books. As soon as you browse through them, you will find their top addresses on the subject of the art of printing and publishing. Literature Mama is an on-line journal that concentrates on the publishing work that deals with the many faces of maternity.

But even if you're not a mom (not even metaphorical), her month-long Writerly Woundup is a beautifully written curatorial compilation of essays on the writings and lives that write. Her often irreverently written summary of the week cries out to other independent composers, she sheds some lights on lesser-known blogs and provides what we would call "eclectic" notation.

Every wk she discovers a new repository of stationery, news, tales and open contests. When you are interested in reading books from a more Jewistic point of view, she also releases a special Friday edition of the "Planned Literature Sources"! This summary written and blogged by Jason Bougger gives you exactly what's on the can: five quick and easy updates every Friday on articles from big and small blogs and the casual competio.

Each Thursday, YA and middle-class writer Kerry Gans divides her top readings of the month into article about the art of typing, the publishing industry and what she calls'Unique Shelf': funny tales about writers, bookshops, beloved fiction and the like! It is designed to help writers build their brands and careers, and each show contains useful resources for indies.

Luckily, Frances Caballo compiles her'Indie Author Updates', where you can learn more about the latest authoring news stories and the latest author-usable online and offline content formats. We' ll be updating this page on a regular basis, so if you know of a sound news summary that contains information, hints and advices for self-publishing writers, please let us know in the commentaries below!

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