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The author's ability to self-publish is one of the most exciting changes in the publishing industry. With the advent of eBooks and self-publishing platforms, the publishing industry has been positively disturbed. During this interview Alan Rinzler talks about the rise of self-publication from the perspective of an industry veteran and leader. Self-publishing was once celebrated as a new day for authors. I_AM Self Publishing enables and trains authors who want to publish themselves.

Self-publishing industry will prosper in the long term

There have been so many changes in the indie publishing industry. It reminds me of how the times passed when I realized that my Whizbuzz Buch promotional site published its first promotional work in 2010. So when I began with Whizbuzz Boks, the goal was to advertise my own textbooks, and then, after I liked the ideas of some writers, I also added theirs.

As I breathed deeply and began to pay for the advertising, I thought it would never work and that the site would probably end up dead because I asked for work. However, after all these years, Whizbuzz is still living and making a small extra living for me, although there are now virtually hundred and a hundred new, paid promotional pages on the web since I've done it, with new ones coming out every single working days.

However, that's how the brand works, so I'm glad to say I was one of the first to help develop an original concept that was well deserving of being copied. Booktrading is only one aspect of the new indie publishing industry, as other publishing industry activities have developed over the years as self-publishing has become a sustainable one.

To such an extent that I believe that even the name, self-published, is approaching its use by date and that indie publishing is a much better name for this new industry. As it all began, the writers did everything themselves, but as the industry grew older, more and more writers used third-party professionals to help them produce a better quality products and promote new work.

There were no independant publisher, covers designer, editor, copy editor, e-book formatter or proofreader when I started. We had no books promotional websites, blogs trips or blogs. However, these kinds of service are now abundant, and no one keeps an eye on the idea of buying these because they all represent added value for the game.

This is the service that helps to build a new self-publishing industry - the indie publishing industry - that is becoming more sophisticated every single workingday. It is so much so that it is now difficult to tell the distinction in terms of qualitiy between a good Indie and a traditional one.

There are still many writers who are hesitant to use remunerated publishing but, as in any other shop, very little results come without investing financially. In one area, however, it is clear that the envelopes have lost track of each other. Obviously, figuring for coverage is a lecture learnt by most indie writers.

Indie albums have become much better and will become even better. But the value of the service must be taken into account, because great creators need much more than the credit. You need experts to help you bring your textbook to life. However, with all the enhancements in terms of product and advertising, there is still an important part of the industry that is standing in the way of the even greater popularity of indie editors and editors.

This would be a cause for worry in any other store, such as clothing, electronic goods or groceries, as it not only jeopardizes the liberty of marketing your product, but also violates the fundamental rules of your company that no more than 20% of your earnings should come from a single supplier.

At present, when Amazon's revenues are dying, authors' and publishers' revenues are dying immediately. No second, third or forth flow of revenue is known. That is a very poor businessmodel. INDIEDIED publishing houses need more channels of circulation. In order for independent publishing to really thrive, new and innovative marketing and trading plattforms must be established and exclusiveness really must dastard.

Independent writers must be able to market their product through a wide range of media in order to safeguard their income. But, as with everything to do with commerce and the web, nothing remains the same, and in five years a smart start-up may have managed to overcome this final obstacle to make the independent publishing industry truly viable, very, very prosperous and above all very, very prosperous for the tens and tens of tens of tens of thousands who are now in it.

Independent publishing is a giant deal now, and this range provides the pecuniary motivations for smart folks to venture into the markets to breach the salesmonopoly. There is a great deal of work to be done, and that is always the best incentive for new commercial outcomes.

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