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I' m in need of help with marketing and selling my books. You don't choose categories because you want to help Amazon store them. Thriller book covers look different from self-help book covers. If you need help with self-publication, what do you do? Hello everyone, after a series of other threads that suggest this, I thought I would set up a support thread for us self publishers (although traditionally pu.

Self Publishing Secrets: 5 free Amazon services to help you get more book sales

Whilst almost everyone has listened to Amazon, fewer know about all its free features that fall to freelance writers. The sale via Amazon is usual with independant writers. The biggest bookseller on the Internet, Amazon is trusted by people: million of shoppers have already stored their payment and shipment information in their bankroll.

Disadvantages of Amazon are that the writers do not have direct contact with customers (such as name and e-mail addresses) and license fees are lower than direct sale through an authoring website with Gumroad, Sellfy or PayPal service. So if you are willing to give up the above for a potentially higher sale size, then here are the five major utilities at your disposal, for free, to get your product on as an electronic product or softcover.

Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is a way for any independent writer to promote their e-books on (or other Amazon countries websites). Writers receive 35% or 70% license fees, according to the listed prices of the e-book and where it is selling. They need to format their e-book specifically for their platforms, but they are accepting and converting Doc, ePub, RTF and a few other file-format.

Formating your e-book can be a pain, but here is a good tool. Once uploaded, use Kindle Previewer to see the finished release of your eBooks before it is released, so you can go back, make changes and re-download. Many writers and writers are unaware that you do not need a Kindle reader to use a Kindle e-book.

It works well on any tray (like iPads) or smart phone with the Kindle application. One of my favorite ways to browse my books is from any web browsers on my computer, with Amazon's Cloud Reader. Whilst writers can post e-books to KDP and still offer the same e-book somewhere else on the web, Amazon also provides KDP Select for writers who consent to 90 consecutive nights of online exclusive.

On the other hand, KDP Select will pay higher license fees for selling in certain territories, add your e-book to the Prime Members Loan and give you advertising opportunities to make your e-book free for up to five or up to seven day discounts. If your e-book is free or discounted, it will appear on sale pages on - which will drive more folks to buy it.

Another website also sponsor free or discount Kindle e-books to huge audience; Bookbub is the biggest, with over two million attendees. Whilst Bookbub and other major promotional sites are not free, it can often be pricey to present your books to a much bigger group. The Kindle rebate promotional sites are also many smaller, free of charge; here is a good listing.

Much of the individual maker see large selling era when their e-books are disbarred and large feather era when those e-books are people. This often leads to above-average revenue on the post-doctoral day (when it comes back at the normal price), as well as a larger public for e-books to come. *CreateSpace is Amazon's print-on-demand for independent film-makers.

You can either publish your books on the website or directly on You only have to do one thing: load and put up the books; you take charge of print and post. You' re not even paying for your print - you just take a fee when it's sold.

This way you can make all necessary changes before it is released. With CreateSpace you can also associate a Kindle or digitale copy of your textbook with the pocketbook so that buyers can select their size on the same page. But as soon as I began to offer pocket books of my e-books through CreateSpace, I noted that they made 10% of my sell.

When you are not trusted, Amazon Associates is a services that will pay you to connect to items. That' the kind of cash Amazon would have kept! You' ll also receive commission on everything someone purchases from when they get there from your first webpage. I earn on a monthly basis an annual income from my referral bank, because every few hundred bucks I earn from my affiliates accounts because every few hundred bucks I use Amazon Associates links from my website, my newsletters or my favorite publisher to my work.

You can even use Amazon as an independent writer to build an autobiography page that will be attached to the sell page of your eBooks. The Authors Centrals page will appear on every Amazon Bookstore page, linking other titles you have released. When someone accesses your authors page, they can even sign you up and receive email when you publish new work.

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