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Help for self-publication

Autonomous information and advice on writing, self-publishing and marketing for independent authors. Do you get discouraged by industry experts who insist that self-published authors must hire professionals to prepare a self-published book? Would you like to publish yourself, but don't know where to start? We are here to help you publish yourself, not to publish yourself. Receive reviews of the tools and services you need for self-publication.

Full self-publishing support for first-time writers

Each writer is different. When you' re an expert, all you need is an expert creative staff of formatter and designer to turn your completed script into a business eBook and pocket with a striking artwork that you can present to your next book's attention. When you' re just getting started and want to launch your first volume, you'll need additional help beyond just providing techincal help with your work.

However, what if the whole publishing lifecycle seems too complicated and bewildering to even get going, where any information you are reading just contributes to this bewilderment instead of cleaning things up? Wouldn't it be great to have someone who is just an e-mail away from giving you trustworthy information that is pertinent to you and your work?

Somebody who answers all your publication related queries clearly? And if so, we are here to be the one you can count on when it comes to the additional help you need to get your work out. Most importantly, we don't just mean the number of quizzes we respond or the amount of time we' re spending to help you in any way we can, but what's most important to you is that your books are released and shared, which is why we are offering per volume prices for eBook sizing and printing layouts that include all the additional help you need.

Throughout the years, we have found that this type of all-round service works best when we make all the data available. If you use Publishing Assistant, our publishing assistants will take charge of your work. Publishing Assistant is the same committed individual who keeps track of everything that has to do with your publishing house and supports you on your itinerary.

Because of the amount of work, the amount of work needed to deliver such continuous help and guidance, and the amount of awareness you need, the uptime of our Publishing Assistant is restricted. Once we have discussed your plan and needs and decided that this is right for you, we will offer you this level of help for as many titles as you want to use.

See below some of the things in the Publishing Assistance. They can ask us ANY publishing related query. Or in other words, nothing you as an editor need to know to make your work public is taboo. So whether you have eBook selling issues, print-on-demand, Amazon exclusive advantages, KDP ads, Kindle books rental, wholesaler rebates, pocket books, licensing fees, pre-orders, retail ranking, ISBNs, copyrights, anti-counterfeiting and DRM, website and mailinglist setup, the differences between BISAC and Kindle Store category, best-seller listings, extensive products description, keyword or audio books, you can get clear, up-to-date and more.

In order to provide you with the necessary information for your specific needs, we will always reply to your journalistic queries on a case-by-case base. Want to conserve your valuable resources and hire us to help you create eBooks and printing for you? Help you manage errors that occur while you are doing it yourself?

Your books can be uploaded to Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), Barnes & Noble NookPress (formerly PubIt!), Smashwords, IngramSpark and CreateSpace. We' re not a distribution company, so we don't charge royalty fees for uploading your file to your account. When your eBook is online and you no longer need your dealer and reseller account, you can easily reset your key.

You' re always in full command of your ledgers and bank account. If you need to upgrade your library data, category and prices, create new Authors page through Authors Central, or place a pre-order, we can help you now. That' s why we offer proactive counselling and guidance at the right moment, so you always know the next move and can make sound choices, even if you don't know which questions to ask.

We provide a full service covering the entire publishing lifecycle, from choosing the right trimming sizes for your pocket book, financing considerations such as wholesaler rebates to maximise your profit, to far more than just optimising your Amazon author page to show your other titles to review.

Be it regular reviews of your list of titles on retailers' websites and proposing ways to enhance them, producing comprehensive reviews of your titles, selecting products that maximise the exposure of your titles, or showing you all the necessary stages to unlock your first Amazon collection to attract more new audiences to your collection, we won't ask you what this next issue might be.

Simply by contacting us, you can be sure you won't miss an occasion, such as an offering from a publishing house to have your work translated and published in a market where you currently have no sale. You can also receive an e-mail from a readership who will give you feedbacks on your work.

In order to present yourself as a serious writer, you should use an e-mail with your own website name. Getting in face-to-face with your readership is critical to the development of your authoring platforms and the introduction of new work. Whilst there is a way to stay in communication with your audience, you never have full command, as the platforms you use can limit your capacity to engage your people.

While you fully monitor your website or your blogs, your readership may at some point overlook them. A sure way to capture some of the commotion of your readership created by marketers or by them who have just finished your novel is to trap email and establish a mailing list. What's more, it's a safe way to do that. This way you can stay in touch with them over the years, keep your accounts up to date and successfully introduce new ones.

So we can take care of the tedious parts for you while you work on sending this first e-mail to your reader and creating incentive to expand your mailing lists. At the heart of all your activities is your website or blog: it shows you all your titles, gives your readership the opportunity to get in touch with you, lets you communicate the progression of your next publication and allows you to get in touch with your people.

Your publishing professional will also suggest the quickest, simplest and most cost-effective way to create a website or blogs that not only meets your needs, but also matches your technology skills so you can actually use it.

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