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Self-publishing Reviews

"Imagine a world where you can't start a company without an MBA. What kind of ratings should an indie author get? While I was a little hesitant about the reviews, I gave them a chance, as they are one of the most renowned self-publishing companies.

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I thank you and the firm for the absolutely outstanding work you have done with my work. They are not only a beautiful and competent group of aficionados, but I have the feeling that they have really been initiated into my novel in person! Well, I couldn't suggest a better firm for authors. While I' m promoting this and working on my second one, I can focus on my typing because I know it will be there to get me back to publishing it.

They were with me every single stage and led me through a labyrinth of publishing processes. Whenever I look at my account writing, I have you guys to thank. Carol, Jill and Amber (at the self-publishing department of Writer's Relief) couldn't have been more spacious with their times than we worked together on the end result Still Life With Weather, a chapterbook.

They were very good at making good suggestions and I relied on their judgement in the areas of publishing that I did not know - such as printing and inks. Her knowledge is experienced and versed in navigation through the independent publishing environment when we founded the Impressum Ocupy the Word Publishing. We' re creating a publication boost for my upcoming works, as well as for other writers that we are bringing to the literature community through OCC.

It is only a author who can appreciate their knowledge and their services and how they can relieve the burden of the hassle of publishing. This resulted in a good looking log file with a dynamic binding (and I was able to participate in the designing process). It sold very well; I already got an extensive license cheque in only two month.

It was so well received that another publisher wants to re-publish an early work. When they read Night Travels, they looked at my website and Facebook page (created by Web Design Relief and Writer's Relief) and my previous work. Now we have a treaty and a slightly reworked copy of my previous one.

It' s not often that you find personal help in the self-publishing work. Writers Relief responded from my first call and gave me personalized attentiveness, great coverage style and expert assistance. Writer`s Relief is a great enterprise - I worked with them on my own publishing and publishing my work. I guided myself through every stage of the self-publishing processes..... an priceless one.

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