Self Publishing Christian Books

Self-published Christian Books

Old-fashioned publishers, scrappy innovators and self-publishers: ""Christian leaders and pastors need this book. Christlicher Buchverlag | Christian Bookpress Draft: When it comes to books of religion, as with all books, it is important that your covers not only stand out on the shelf, but also on the Internet. You need your designs to make it clear what your books are about and who your audiences are. Find out more about our designing service. Authoring a devotional work can be your own rewarding adventure, but if you want your piece to be inspiring, make sure your work has a truly original view.

Describe your own experience, awareness, insight or spirit journey. Think about who your public is and what inspires you to create your work.

Christen Self-Publishing | Christian Buchdruck

More than 75 per cent of the 100,000 books we publish every single months are Christian books. We have been working with the likes of you since 1988. We are the contact point for all those who are interested in Christian self-publishing. We' ve written books of all denominations: Being a Christian enterprise, we see your individual needs as a Christian publishing house.

Do you have a question about Christian self-publishing? Call us at (877) 944-7844. Before you make the important decisions about who to use for your printing, we want to make sure you have all the information you need.

Foreman Press - Christian Self Publishing

You are an writer who wrote a text and sent it to a conventional publishing house just to reject the work? Did you find that other self-publishers have high up-front expenses and need large quantities of books to be eligible for their discounts? With Master Press you can have your books published at low rates, no matter how many books you are printing with our âprint on demandâ printing you have.

Master Press's aim is to help Christian writers to publicize their books. Your publication will only be made available for the fee associated with the publication of a work. We can help you get your books to Market quickly, and you have the right to modify, create and advertise your work.

All of our books are printed in high grade hard and softcover. You only have to send in your correction script and we will get the publication printed. Published on Master Press, your books are catalogued with Ingram, Barnes & Noble, Amazon and other global publishers. The publishing house pack contains your covers.

Select from several free base artwork designs or upgrades to a luxury or customized artwork. Get 55% off the listed prices for all books you buy and a bulk rebate for large orders. You can send books to any location. Writers get 30% bonuses (paid directly to you) for books distributed through our partner companies Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Ingram Bookstores and others.

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