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Self-publishing Canada

The majority of publishers generate a significant portion of authors' sales revenue and increase print-on-demand costs. I have published more than a dozen books, including Self-Publishing for Canadians. In search of your personal, independent publishing solutions! Self-editing is a collaborative service designed to bring your work to life. and other libraries across Canada are doing the same.

Publishers Canada

Are you interested in including your work in our expanding portfolio of popular, self-published Canada books? In more than 12 years, we have built a faithful customer base of our self-publishing service writers in Canada. Without expensive parcels, licensing arrangements or contract work, we provide key publishing, letterpress and bindery related activities with one goal: to help self-publishers enter the publishing arena while maintaining the right and complete mastery of their work.

100 per cent net license fees

To publish a work is simple, but to do it well requires teamwork. Work with our publishing experts to get your books into the reader's hand! The majority of publishers generate a significant proportion of authors' revenues and increase print-on-demand cost. Forcing you to pay a high fee makes it harder to get your publishing house investments back.

Our licensing models give you higher license fees, lower printing cost and more flexible price structuring of your work. The majority of publishers keep it a mystery who is working on each one. This is a challenge because you want to know that the people who help you are skilled and gifted.

We are Canadians and most of our work is written by Canadians. To write a single volume contains several hundred different choices. It becomes more difficult to see how a readership could live through the narrative after a few month or often years of manuscripts. A series of new features have been added to the text editors to help enhance the typing skills and detect grammar and misspelling.

Convincing coverage is a key factor in stimulating and attracting attention to books. Working with writers, our design team creates stunning artwork that inspires them and their audiences. You will also ensure that your books meet the proper specification that must be released for sale. As soon as your work has been finished and finished, it's ready to go to work.

We' ll have your books listed at large on-line stores such as Chapters and Spreading the words about your books and making a puzz is critical. It is important that your books are communicated to the public through books, through the use of corporate publishing, public relations, opinion leaders and conventional printed and radio publications. This means you can share your history with press agencies or critics, organize a presentation and have a powerful website.

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