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This self-publication model is doomed to failure because it contradicts business sense. Most of the authors have no basic business plan. Von Dougal Shaw, journaliste économique, BBC News. To register your self-publishing company name with the state, visit its trade website (see resources below). The self-publishing industry is growing fast, and bookstores and consumers are now recognizing the value of self-published books.

Self-publishing for small companies

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Draw up a business roadmap for your self-publishing empire

When you immerse yourself in the self-editing community, the best thing you can do for yourself is become your own boss. Only a few managers would make a big move without a budget. Prior to starting your self-publishing environment, consider drawing up a writing busi-ness agenda that will lead your effort and crystallise your objectives.

Define your own trademark. Disneyland brings certain things to your head (innocence, amusement, gamblings, etc.). Disney Imperium consists of innumerable smaller items and experience, all of which contribute to the unique Disney name. So as a novelist, what is your badge? So what do you want folks to think about when they think about your work?

Devote at least one section to researching your own trademark and then direct all your endeavors in this direction. Draw up a model. So now that you know what you want them to see in your writers' label, the answer is: what do you want for your work? Remember that your vision is not just a target (like a million dollars): it is a vision that leads you to your final one.

One example of a model for self-publication could be: Use my ingenuity and my creativeness to support a worthy authors' label and sale my work. Failure to pay attention could result in the cost of self-publication spiralling out of your hands. Lists these individuals and their talent. If you are to build a self-publishing imperium, you must be able to depend on others.

Find out more about the 8 persons who can make or publish your own books. Note down your actions. Dismantle your self-publishing Ulysses into specific, practicable stages (and put them in the order you want to do them). However, remember that some of the assignments we enumerate need to be split into parts (for example, to build a great authoring website, you need to gain basic understanding of how great sites work; then you need to find a web developer who will understand the needs of the authors).

In your writing your businessplan you can also divide your activity schedule into sub-categories such as manuscript preparation, web based communication, hand selling, advertisement, etc. Example steps for self-publication: You will find the right self-publisher to work with you. Establish an efficient authoring website that strengthens your audience. Before you start, submit a copy of your eBook for bloggers or review professionals.

Please send a news item for your self-published work. You can also order advertisements for a fee as required. Schedule a competition for the presentation of the books. Track with reviews and on-premise publishers. Send a request to an agents (if you want to turn your self-publication hit into a conventional publisher's bookstore). Then use the last section of your authoring busi-ness schedule to determine what you will do next.

Will you be working on your next script while publishing your first one? Did you ever write a businessplan?

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