Self Publishing Book Templates

Self-publishing book templates

They can be used in virtually any word processor (such as Microsoft Word, Open Office, Pages, Word Perfect, etc.) Please note: It is not necessary to use these templates. The design, production and self-publication of photo books, textbooks, magazines and e-books. And we couldn't leave you out in the rain. Practically all printers require a high-resolution PDF to print your book.

Choose from a variety of book templates for a professional look. gives self-published titles a general overhaul

Like I' ve said all weekend, this is the outcome of the fact that many writers decide to make their own book with the tools they already have and know how to use: We' re starting with a small galery of 6 templates. The templates available today are designed for literature, memoirs and literature.

This means that there are few files to format. Here is what I mean in the shape of a opening page from our "Legend" template: Is this how you imagine your own book? The" Legend" font uses Amaranth and Theano Didot and is particularly suitable for modern fiction, novel and historic Roman.

It' using print-on-demand because you want to make an attractive and legible book without producing too many pages, as point-of-sale providers calculate the cost per page. Here is a page from the "Premise"-template: You can see that most of the work is already done for you when you use one of these templates.

Every stencil comes with it:: All of the templates are available in 3 sizes: We can' t just give you a pattern and ship it to you. That' s why my colleague Tracy R. Atkins has produced a fully featured, step-by-step formatting guide in PDF format that shows you how to load and unpack the templates, set up the scripts on your system and substitute the wildcard text with your own book work.

The formatting guide and a new free book, the Book Construction Blueprint, are available as individual files on the website. Here is what is contained in each zipped archive of the templates package: Whatever type of book you create, it's worth knowing the industrial benchmarks that have developed over the years and that all book professionals use.

That' s why we provide the Book Building Blueprint, a set of design and layout guides. The 24-page PDF can become your guideline for the next few years if you have fundamental issues to solve about book segments, page breaks, chapter and subtitles, orphan and widow children and more. You can still get a copy even if you are not on the submission page.

And we couldn't let you stand out in the rain. Although there is much less you can do with a standart e-book in terms off-the-shelf artwork, we have ebook-ready templates for each of our templates schemes, too. You come with a complement to the formatting manual that will perform you how to use the e-book mask to get a file that converts to Kindle, Smashwords, BookBaby and other e-book vendors and distribution lists with ease.

Templates are packed as an update to our other licences. If you come to, you will see that the prices on our templates are vario. This is because the licences we sell are unique to the way you want to use the artwork. They can acquire each pattern with 3 different licences at a seperate price:

Single-book licenses allow you to use the templates for a self-published book. You will receive the high-quality artwork, typefaces and all masters of the templates together with the guides that will help you. The cost of this licence is $37.00. Multi-book licence allows you to use the pattern for a whole range of titles, no matter how long the run is.

With the multi-book licence you can release as many of your own titles as you like. That is probably the best value if you are planning to release more than one book. You are a private entrepreneur and a business licence allows you to offer formating service for other writers.

You can use the pattern for your customers for a one-time price of $197.00 with this licence. If you are writing an e-book issue as well as a printed book issue, you can attach the e-book mask as an upgrade to any bunch for an extra $10.00.

This license schema was developed to provide the templates for different applications at reasonable pricing. Now all that remains is for you to go to and review the themes for yourself. Get a copy of the Book Construction Blueprint while you are there.

Also, please be aware that you can easily view each pattern by using a hyperlink to get a 3 page pattern in full screen and high definition. We' re already working on our first non-fiction templates, which will contain layers of subheadings, annotations and bibliographic templates, listings and quotations, all preformatted in one-click-style for use.

More fictional templates are added. Download ing the Book Construction Blueprint will take you to our notice board, where we will also provide you with new templates in our promotional area. I' ve almost forgotten to tell you what you won't get with our templates, and that's world-class copy. These templates have been optimized and stroked to give out the best guy Word can do.

When you write a book of literature, a memorandum or a book of non-fiction and don't need to format beyond opening chapters and covers, these templates can spare you a great deal of your own frustrations and make sure you produce an industry-standard book at the same timeframe. I would like to receive your feedbacks about the website, the templates, the instructions or anything else, so I just hopefully you will post it in the comment.

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