Self Publishing Book Services

Self-publishing book services

To learn more about authoring services and how to rate a service yourself, please read our book "How to Choose A Self-Publishing Service". eBook formatting, print layout, book cover design and advice for authors looking for an experienced team to help you publish books in commercial quality yourself. Find out more about the authoring services. Specialist Services " - Shop of the largest independent bookstore. Store Our Store " - Learn how to publish your book.

Just contact our Large Order Services team.


The click-and-go book covers of today's click-and-go environment must give your reader your message in one place. The designer will create your book covers and provide you with a copy. Case designs start at only $399. In spite of the old clichés, your potential eBook purchasers will evaluate your book by its envelope.

Such an eBook coverage is one of your best selling utilities and immediately conveys the pivotal thoughts, notifications, and imagery that add up your book. Included in the BookPromo package are Reader's Favorite and Story Cartel book review guarantees, PR Newswire advertising, Writer Cube, Writer Marketer Club, an online guidebook for online and offline advertising, and more.

BuchShop provides you with a website and an e-commerce solution so that you can directly market your book to your reader in three different sizes. Do you think you can publish a great book without the help of a specialist journalist? There is a good explanation why every publishing house hires a dozen world-class writers. It plays an important role in the overall book's popularity.

In addition, a freelance writer can help you become better writer by giving you the ability and mindset that will help your writer's later work. Build a website in a few moments! People want more from their creators than just a Facebook page. Don't let your book get wasted in the crowds!

ISBNs are used by booksellers, librarians, academics, wholesalers as well as publishers to help locate your book.

Self Publishing Book Service for Indie Authors

To write a book is only part of the formula. A good format and a great artwork style combine everything and are the first choice for all your book size and artwork needs. Not only did they go beyond the obligation, they also took all the hassle out of publishing my book.


The self-publishing solutions from Köehler Books and IngramSpark give you control over your royalty and the way you work. Your IngramSpark titles will be edited, designed, produced and created in your own IngramSpark accoun. We will then show you how to control your IngramSpark page and turn the keys so you can administer your own publishing.

The text layouts and covers are designed solely for sale and publishing on IngramSpark. The self-publisher for full services contains the book on the IngramSpark user interface of the book authors, as well as the book order and the general use of the site. The 6? x 9 book with full-colour envelope and monochrome or coloured interiors, and 50,000 words of manuscripts, limit-editions.

Cheque to be paid to Koehler Studios, Inc. Fewer smaller ones are less expensive, bigger ones more. There have to be less children's literature. Further functions are line processing, tip form, hardcover and hardcover. Once we have discussed your wishes and thoughts with you, we will provide 3-6 possibilities of coverage for you. If you wish, we can conduct a coverage survey on our website.

Inclusive back lid, back and front lid. The back contains the author's name, biography and photograph, barcode and ISBN (included or you can either provide your own), price and gender. Back with default text. This also involves the inclusion of advertising quotations and logo and text. Contains your opening Endorsaments, Copyrights and Disclaimer, Impressum Logo, Front and Back, Text Handling Text incl. Borders, Paging, Header, Footnotes, and more.

Our editors will edit your work using the Chicago Manual of Style and deal with questions of language, terminology, redundancy or any other element in accordance with the author's wishes.

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