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She started out as self-published books before they were bought by major publishers. The inside of your book says: "Since digitization creates a revolutionary opportunity for writers to become their own publishers, a new self-publishing infrastructure has emerged. Subsidy publishers make their money selling to authors - that's you. Are you self-published, do you need an ISBN?

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Small numbers of copies as needed. Not available with printing on request. Individual services. with minimum order of 1000 pieces. Individual services. Use our computers to get an immediate cost for the creation of some common book and book format. In case there is no computer for the desired book model, please call us.

The predictions you made are entirely up to your abilities, and I will always be thankful. Do you remember to publish your book yourself and select between book publishers? Our services include our publishing expertise, our own expertise and our own services for your literature or non-fiction.

Choosing the right book press can make a big impact on the sustainability of your publishing projects. This has resulted, as several hundred clients know, in the realization of a publishing house's vision of a book with a professional production, sturdy weave and high value finish.

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Author who wish to post their book for their own use only. In addition, we release memoir where the beneficiaries are usually relatives and intimate acquaintances or, in some cases, organizations with which the author has a strong connection. This is a further development for writers who want to sell their work on a worldwide high street and online markets.


Our expertise shows us how important it is to the overall profitability of any self-publishing-projects. In our on-line marking course you learn to do it correctly in steps. We offer high-end self-publishing outsourcing solutions. Like many of our writers, Maria Ine?s Rebelo, with her book Maria Inês Rebelo, is an enthusiastic readership.....

We' re happy to announce the beginning of this enchanting picture-book adventures with a line that..... We would like to talk to you about your projects and help you to begin self-publishing.

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