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The only way was to print a book, so I made a small print run with a local printer. We' ve got all the tools and experience to help everyone publish their own book. Full-service book printing and publishing solutions from book design to book distribution. Items that cover all aspects of the printing process, from dealing with the digital or offset letterpress printer to solving problems that arise. Cadence Group specialises in professional book printing and publishing services for authors and small printing machines.

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Now, you have done the difficult part and put all your thoughts from your mind on the page and caused your artwork, it is now day to let your unit, person and others see your dressed product by self-publication. Design your own printed matter at Airdrie Printservices. Our services range from a short-run printed on Demand service to a longer-run lithographic service.

So how do you spell a story? While we can't tell you how to create a script, we know that there has never been a better moment to make your own script. Progress in the field of press technology now offers a small run printed on demande delivery capability. Airdrie Film has all the necessary equipment to make your printed material come to live.

So, let's start working once you've completed your work. Who publishes a self-editing work? It' easy, you provide us with a text document in any size from Microsoft Word to PDF and we take charge of impositioning, print, bind and deliver. As we know how much work it takes to create a work of art, our highly qualified and knowledgeable employees can help you with every step you take the first few years to make your own work.

The world' s largest publisher and producer of books.

Learn more about how we can help you release your own work! Since more than 150 years he has been the producer of some of the best-known and best-selling titles in the UK. You are an independent writer or micro-publisher? Here are just a few of the publishing houses we work with.....

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Booktyprinting Services, cooperation with publishing houses and self-publishers. Books for publishing houses and writers. We' ve made investments in state-of-the-art digitally and lithographically printed work. You can reach us by phone on 01525 621742 or by e-mail. For more information, please call 01525 621742 or email. Both in the pressure and in the binding qualities.

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