Self Publishing Australia

Self-publishing Australia

Some self-published authors pass on their tips. Canberra, Territoire de la capitale australienne. Self publication and marketing of your book. Surveys have shown that self-released authors are more likely to do so. If you want to publish your book yourself, there are many options available.

Publish, advertise and advertise your books - that is the secret of all this.

And we also know that you want your work to be as effective as possible. Publicise your books according to your own standards. Advertise your books to women's magazines all over the world. Advertising at major trade directory trade shows at the major exhibition booth in Australia. Take your books to genuine stores in Australia, USA, UK and Europe.

We' re located in Australia, not a call center in the Philippines or anywhere else. You will have your books in Australia and not a non-Australian one. At the moment we have 230,400 partners who can show your books and eBooks to tens of thousands of bookseekers. A lot of writers are focused on publishing, but what they don't know is that this is only 20% of the trip; the other 80% are market.

There will be no sale without advertising or advertising. We have specialized in books and promotions for over 8 years. If you are a specialist in the field of books we can help you to place your books in front of the eyes of the publishing world.

Every year we participate in the largest annual global trade shows where we advertise Australia literature (your publication could be one of them). Each year we participate in the following trade fairs: the Taipei in February, Beijing in August and the Frankfurt Book Festival in October. Also we specialize in web based advertising and promotions.

We' ll help you get your textbooks on this site, and we can also show you how to reach out to the hundred of individuals who sell your textbook over the web through our online advertising service. We' re very well acquainted with this kind of advertising, but most other publishing houses are not.

If you would like to know how we can help you in publishing, marketing and promoting your work, please contact us by e-mail or enquiry and we will be happy to get back to you - That means that unlike other so-called self-publishers, we give you 100% copyrights on your books, not just on your words that you have inscribed.

That also means that you don't have to buy overpriced copies of your work from anyone, you are free to print anywhere at the best cost you can get. When you choose to work with an overseas vanity publishing company because they tell you that they can publish your work for $4, ask them what the shipping is on the accounts?

You' ll find that the volume will charge you $14 to $15 to Post. There is no way to make a buck if you buy a $15 volume, you will loose it. When a business asks you to prepay for its publishing service, be sure of that. We' re constantly receiving e-mails from writers who have either dropped their funds or got a far below average work.

Never bill the author for the full cost until he is satisfied with the work. Now, we can help you move your product from concept to release and advertise it around the world. Where can I get published? If you are interested, we can help you put your books on the Amazon bestseller lists.

If so, we can help you become an internationally bestseller writer. Given that a store requires a 40 - 45% rebate to sell your work ( "both on-line and off-line"), it is essential that writers do not overpay for the print of their work. This is a listing of the standard cost of 50 digitally produced copies.

For 100 simultaneous use. When you want to have an off-set printing, that would be about half of the above-mentioned printing. Help you create a winning sales strategy. If you are interested in promoting your work all over the globe, we can help you by bringing it to the International Trade Fairs (London, Frankfurt, Beijing, etc.).

We' ll help you with advices on the layout, titles and graphic design of your text. We' ll help you with our know-how on how to put your books on the bookshop shelf. We' ll show you how to make your books highly lucrative. You can be entered in Nielsen's worldwide available accounting system.

We' ll have your books available at all important on-line bookshops in Australia, Fishpond, e.g. Fishpond, ieUBSCRiBE etc. Sales your books in Europe and the UK with our POD Europe partners. If you wish, we can bring your books to Australia stores. You can have your books on 232500 eBook sales sites, galleries and academic bookshops around the globe.

Promotion of Autralian writers in the global arena. Sue Martin, Bill Shorten, Chris Bowen, Ed Husic and Kim Carr, Jane Chifely and other members of the families of Ben Chifley, the later Prime Minister, at the presentation of the book: for the remembering Ben Chifely Bookshop PaperChain Manuka.

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