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Self-publishing advice

Self-publishing advice from writing to marketing and everything in between. We have a lot more advice if you need how to format your eBook. Consulting for self-publishing by booksellers. The New York Times bestselling author Victoria Danann gave advice to anyone who wanted to publish themselves and put it into practice. Wellcome to AskALLi, the Alliance of Independent Authors' self-publishing guide podcast.

Alliances of independent authors themselves

Hi and welcome to the Authors Advisory Center of the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi), the worldwide non-profit organization for self-publishing authors. One part of ALLi's task is to pass on our self-publishing training and consulting to the broader independent authors and publishing group. This is how we manage and keep up to date this authoring advice centre, which is operated independently of our member website.

You can find a blogs, PDF files, information about our independent authors Fringe Conferences and our guide books & papers here. The advice here has been provided by our members and consultants, often pro bono, as a fellowship input. We divide our publishing consulting and training into three stages, which cover the seven publishing processes: 3. the management of an independent authoring company - for those who already sell well in their home country.

After all, we would be happy to have you as part of our partnership.

Write-Only Information for First Time Authors

The publication of a very labor-intensive work. Some of the errors made by the first independent writers are typical: You' re authoring, designing and publishing an astonishing work. The most self-publishing tools allow you to describe your work. When typing is not your strong point, you will find a someone who can do it in a way that suits your marvelous photographs, stunning graphics and more.

But on the other side, here are a few things that can differentiate your text: your book from the masses: That' s a lecture I learnt when I began my PR work. No matter what you do, make sure your textbook has a point of distinction. You will receive an ESBN if you plan to share your books beyond your own group.

If you create a Blurb BookWright or Blurb plugin for Adobe InDesign®, you get a free of charge Blurb BookWright or Blurb BookWright software and a number of other independent publishing houses also provide ISBNs.

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