Self Publishing a Ebook

self-publication of an ebook

Be self-published and resell your own e-books Naturally, all copyright remains with you if you trust us with the marketing of your eBooks. They are self-published and can manage the on-line sales of their eBooks themselves. Your products are converted to either E-PUB or Mobipocket format so that your books can be opened on any type of electronic traveler.

So nothing should get in the way of marketing your e-book on-line.

Sony-opens eBook platform for self-publishers

Sony-named a partner with Smashwords and Authors Solutions Tuesday, which allows any writer to post a new eBook in their eBook Store, giving self-published authors unparalleled entry to the ever-present point-of-sale eReaderarketplace. Sony's eReader department - second only to Amazon Kindle in the industry - will only check for hatred speeches, plagiarisms, incorrect formats or publisher guides provided by anyone other than the legal post.

The fact is, when textbooks and shelving are electronic, the rule of shortage goes out the windows and makes unannounced writers gush to the top just because of the crowd's response - just as many self-motivated blogs have become old staging posts and videographers have become YouTube phenomena. In order to post your own script (or other people's if you are a publisher) via Smashwords, you upload the script in a specific Microsoft Word file size, set a prize, and select partners:

Punza on iPhone, Aldiko on Androi, Barnes & Nobles' website and now the Sony eBook Store. Then there are no writers, publishing houses, journalists or other porters to be concerned about - or to enhance your work - just people. Amazons similar services allow writers to post their products on the Kindle Digital Text Plattform, so that writers can now distribute their products on both large e-book portals without going through a single rep.

But only Sony and its new affiliates allow writers from all over the world to enter and Amazon's programme only accept entries from the US. Smshwords says it is paying "much higher royalties" than Amazon, distributed to several points of sale and does not use DRM on eBooks like Amazon does. Sony is also not yet compatible with Amazon's whispernet cordless book cordless capability, but the next wave of the Sony Reader Daily Edition, due in store in December, will include AT&T's 3G cordlessectivity.

For Sony, the reasons for the business are clear - since the size of the shelving area is endless, there is no big disadvantage for convenience. "We' re dedicated to offering our clients the widest possible choice of eBook contents and believe that these partnerships will allow us to extend the choice of the shop with a variety of convincing works from unrelated sources," said Chris Smythe, Sony's eBook Stores Executive Manager.

"It is also important for us to give freelance writers and publishing houses the possibility to make their thoughts and contents quickly and simply accessible to a broad public. "Writers on the back list of smash words that have already been released via smash words will have to allow several month for their songs to appear in Sony's eBook Store as Sony has switched its platforms to the default EPUBs.

In the meantime, new writers can count on their works being published in a few working days. In the meantime, new writers can look forward to their work. In so far as the big whole goes, this deals disintermediert the publisher by a further deg. However, when one of the gatekeepers (publishers) is outdone, another appears: an abundance of choices on the part of the readers.

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