Self Published Authors

Self-published authors

This is the latest in our series of interviews with self-published authors, following the success of their New York Times and USA Today bestselling debut novel. Pages in category "Self-published authors". Do Share Inspire: Hello and welcome to The Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi), the worldwide non-profit association for authors who publish themselves. SELF-PUBLICATION AS BRITISH AUTHOR.

Self-publication interview

Our self-editing expert talks will show you how these independent authors got on the best-seller list with their book, why they decided to self-publish and how they advise authors who want to do the same. The next in our self-editing TV show is an interesting story about Barbara Freethy - an author who has made a success out of tradition and self-publishing.

Do you have any particular authors or textbooks that inspire you? Our next self-published feature will be an interrogation with James Hankins, novelist and mystery novelist - how he went from would-be filmmaker to attorney and bestselling novelist. Further up in our row of self-published authors is Penguin's'next big thing' James Oswald - the first in Detective McLean's detective novel Natural Causes.

Dystel, of Dystel & Goderich Literature Management, speaks to us about her view of the evolving publishers sector - and what the emergence of self-publishing means for Frahlingen. This part of our interview with self-published authors features Cressida Downing talking to children's book writer Karen Inglis about her film.

The next in our self-publishing line is an introduction to Kerry Wilkinson, the best-selling Jessica Daniel novel. Leighann Dobbs talks to us in the latest part of our self-published Authors Series of interviews about how she went from becoming a bestsellerautor. Our latest round of self-published writers talks to Marko Kloos, a best-selling sci-fi man.

The last installment of our self-published story, Paul Pilkington explains how he got a contract with Hodder & Stoughton after reaching the best-seller-listings. Rachel Van Dyken, the best-selling writer, talks about why she chose self-publication and how her literary lifestyle has evolved since the best-selling listings in the latest issue of our self-publishers, New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal.

Cressida Downing in the next installment in our self-publication cycle looks at the other side of the coin and asks why the published writer Violet Fenn has chosen to shun self-publishing. This is a case report on mass financing by a new writer. Browse your Sunday paper or click through the cultural section of your favorite message page and like us, you realize that self-publishing in the dark ages is a fashion and goes far beyond a phenomena; quite easily, it's here to remain.

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