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Certainly, if your book were worth publishing, a real publisher would be interested. Beyond the great content inside, will your book cover attract people before they ever read a word? An Awesome information graphic about the costs of self-publication. Not only does it feel like writing your own book, but you can also see it in print and available on Kindle to millions of customers worldwide.

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Independent book production is - still - often regarded as substandard compared to traditional publishing. More and more New Zealand's writers and graphic designers are becoming professionals and innovators who are opting for self-publication. Most of them are producing well-cut, sophisticatedly crafted, nicely illuminated, best-selling and award-winning works.

They are often not accepted by conventional publishing houses because of the risks of low returns or because the size of the markets seems to be insufficient. Most of them are producing well-cut, sophisticatedly crafted, nicely illuminated, best-selling and award-winning works. Wondering what was it that motivated her to release her favourite wonderfully crafted work.

To publish a self-published volume means a larger piece of the cake, but it is also more risky. There' s always been the very realistic possibility that the works we create would not be sold. Another important motivator was our wish to lead a more artful way of living outside the nine-to-five way of living and self-publishing seemed to be a way of doing so.

Sarah Johnson is a traditional writer who recently wrote her first self-published song, The Bold Ship Phenomenal. It was a New Zealand Book Awards for Children and Young Adults 2016 finaleist and a Storylines Notable Book Award-winning film. So I asked Sarah if she had any suggestions for writers trying to figure out which way of publication is best for her.

For many writers and graphic designers, the real issue is not so much selection, but what their possibilities are...." Self-publishing has produced a new paradigm for making books and stories, similar to the one that has long been in existence for the fine and drama art and has evolved over the last few centuries for it.

Another self-published writer who does exceptional things for our young readership is James Russell, who began his self-publishing trip in 2012. In his Dragon Brothers Trilogie with storybooks and the new children's novel The Dragon Defenders, he continues the limits of tradition. It' s been a big initial outlay, but I'm quite sure it did help me in securing my US business and it definitely add an additional layer.

There is certainly this novelty element, but I've also been really pleasantly amazed to get a very large amount of feed-back from the parents who say it has been helping their recalcitrant readers unstint. If you are a child with dyslexia, or are struggling to find the right one. One area where self-publishing is particularly useful is the production of educational materials that might not otherwise be available.

The Sharon Holt Te Reno Singalong television show, illustration by Deborah Hinde, has won two prizes for education editors and a linguistic prize from M?ori So I talked to Sharon about how the choice of releasing the show myself came about. I wrote English for education companies when I began learning te ro M?ori via Te W?nanga or Aotearoa.

I' ve sent samples of the literature to several different editors, but nothing has changed. Self-editing is best done by energetic individuals who have found a niche in the market....'. A traditional children's illustrated author, Deborah Hinde recently wrote and released her first storybook Hase.

They also illustrate a number of Sharon Holt's serials. Having published over 65 commercial publications, I was interested to know why she herself went the way of self-publishing. After years of working in close collaboration with established editors, I was encouraged to create my own story. I illustrate works for conventional editors often have a limited timeframe that can restrict artistry.

Because I had a longer timeframe to work on the work, I was able to create a different kind of writing than any other work I had done. Like Deborah, I work with old-fashioned publishing houses - and I like and appreciate the work I do with them. You' re taking care of me and the script I' m making.

You will be responsible for post production sales, point of sales, point of sales and after-production. You' re also a gatekeeper, so I know the product will be of high standard. Publish independently is certainly not simpler than conventional publication. Tradtional publishers] take charge of post production designs, editorial, sales, point of sales and promotional activities.

As with all the self-published writers I have spoken to in person, I found many benefits in my own children's book collection in terms of authoring, illustration and self-publication. It is up to me to choose where the book will be produced, at what season it will be issued and what kind of workmanship and workmanship it will have.

And like Mark and Rowan Sommerset, I have a backgrounds in pedagogical resources designing, sourcing, advertising and corporate growth, so I am enjoying the challenge and liberty of self-publishing. Over 100,000 copies of the Kuwi the Kiwi range have been published to date, and through the sale of our kiwi collection we have collected more than $10,000.

I have the feeling from these figures that self-publication was the right way for these works. When you don't budge, you run the danger of having to buy (essentially) expensive copies of your work. Sometimes a publisher has a book that doesn't afford to buy but its many other popular publications help to place the less so.

I' ve seen poorly processed (if any), poorly illustrating, poorly crafted and poorly reprinted and hardcover. When they are filed with publishing houses, these may have been refused or beautifully crafted, finished and shined in their name. It is these ledgers that are frustrating me: it is these ledgers that dissuade me from describing myself as an writer.

If a self-publishing company has an interesting, well-written and one-of-a-kind concept, a behind the scene expert staff and the money and resources to spend on the successful production of the work, then the literature and its work is definitely a wealthier place. Kat's urge to make her own set of textbooks came to the fore with her Kuwi, the Kiwi? show.

Their first song in the show, Kuwi's First Egg, made it into the top ten of NZ's best-sellers for 2015 and Kuwi's Very Shiny Bum into the top ten for 2016. Her other Kuwi films have been nominated for the New Zealand Book Awards for Children and Young Adults 2016, where Te Hua Tuatahi a Kuwi won the Children's Choice - Te Reo M?ori Award.

In addition to her own book and merchandising serials, she is also working on Scholastic NZ related work.

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